The Hunt for Red Bot-tober.

huntHere’s Season 2, Episode 12 of The Leet World, I, Cyborg. This takes us right up to the edge of the finale, which will be a two parter to close out the series. Weird, huh?

So in this episode, the cast deals with some of Leeroy’s more WTF-inducing revelations, namely that they’ve got a homicidal psycho killer cyborg living amongst them. Some guys say some things to each other, there’s also some gun toting, a few chuckles, and even another WTF or two, because we throw those things out with no regard for human life. Or cyborg life, if that’s your style.

Anywho, check out the TLW premiere page if you’re looking for the higher res version of the episode, or just hit the jump to see the normal one.

Still hard to believe that after 2 years of work, this thing’s almost over. Can’t wait to finally wrap it up and move on to other things. Expect the next episode in 2-3 weeks, as always.

Much thanks to DJ Shox and Lord Ned for some late night Hammer FAQs and Jace for another killer soundtrack. He needs to score my life. It would rule.

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49 thoughts on “The Hunt for Red Bot-tober.

  1. rac91790

    You guys win. That’s pretty much what it boils down to.
    Why can’t regular reality TV be this leet?”

  2. PrO-bOy

    oh my god, that was awesome!
    it’s 5 am here in portugal, and i’ve been waiting to see this.
    now i can go to bed ^^
    but, damn, that army was big.
    “AH F*CK”
    ’nuff said

  3. ForceRecon

    Wow, I’ve been meaning to make a profile to comment on these videos since the start of the Leet World yet it was THIS particular video that pushed me over the edge, I just HAD to share my thoughts this time. For some strange reason. Been waiting for this for like a whole day. Probably due to the fact that where I’m from when it’s Saturday here it’s probably like Friday where you guys are. Right now it’s Sunday.

    Intially, after Player shut himself down, I thought: “Hey, he’s not going to be the one to die.” After I heard the fact that he’s got a shitload of explosive on board I thought something like: “Oh crap he’s probably gonna end up sacrificing himself, terrorist style, in the Death Room to kill Noonien and the Producer.” Player NOOOO. I’ve also been meaning to say that for a long time.

    Feels good to let it out. Lol.


  4. hexplode11

    Wow. Awesome job guys. Ahmad sacrificed his life to try to destroy a cyborg. Looks Leeroy will have to hack into the cyborgs, with the help of Player.
    Although I want to see the conclusion, I also really want to see the outtakes so far before the finale.
    Once again, excellent work.

  5. Raizen 1337

    Ive been watching the series for a while and I just made this profile to comment.

    Well I only have one thing to say.. Awesome work guys!! I cant wait to watch the end of this epic series!!

  6. hypnotek

    “that is…burro nap time”


    “ones crazy enough, thats alot of lolcats”
    “that would be like an internet forum, in real life”
    “it would be worse than youtube…”

    Brilliant there, just brilliant. And the ellis Jurassic park thing was great too. keep em’ coming guys. And was the bomb in the cyborg thing a reference to the old DragonBall Z cyborgs with the bombs inside them?

  7. Kuilui

    Seriously more face melting awesomeness. You guys deliver every single time. The music was flawless as always. You guys are better than rooster teeth right now IMHO. There stuff has been putting me to sleep lately but your show sure doesn’t that’s for sure. Something tells me Ellis and Montrose will be back. Probably at some point when at least one character is about to bite the dust. Anyway can’t wait for the next episode. Should be a very interesting one at that.

  8. Uncle Murr

    Man, that was a great episode as usual guys!

    I can’t stop laughing when Montrose flies out the window. It’s just so classic. “Fiddlesticks!”

  9. shisnopi

    I finally made a new account(old one didn’t work).

    Anyways, great episode guys but I have one big question: Is the next episode the end of all or are you guys still going to make that movie?

  10. koach2

    as i can see, you took ellis away of the house to allow daniel to go to the other town…. good move, but how will end this? will the army of robuts kill everyone? will chet allow leeroy to give player to teh producer? will leeroy defuse play3r’s bomb? and when the producer gets player, how will the rest of the t’s and ct’s save him? see next episode to find out………

  11. Ganoosh


    You guys @ SFF are just flawless! Every episode just keeps getting better and better and @ the end of each episode you just wanna keep watching more and more and more lol. So addicting. My own personal brand of heroine. Edward Cullen lol.

    I could not stop laughing @ cortez when he was talking about the buuro’s and there nap time LOL. God it was so good. not to mention ellis and his t-rex statement haha and tons more =D

    Great soundtrack Jace. Evey scene had its own unique musical setting and it just makes the series that much more professional.

    not long to go now guys, KEEP IT UP!



    Great episode guys. Can’t believe that it’s only 2 episodes after this then it’s the end of the Leet World as we know it.

  13. FaceHugger

    AH F*CK! The army of Players are here!

    I’m sure they’ll say to the guys “ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG 2 US!” lol 😀

  14. TheDutchMANBEARPIG

    wow what can I say, fantastic episode. I’ve noticed as TLW evolved (well I watched some episodes from different parts of the show chronologically) there is less humor but on the other hand the story just got so much better. I remember after the awesome finale of last year i thought: shit how are they gna make this better? but imo you guys have already made at least 2 episodes that were even better than that one!

    i knew there was gna be something of bro-ness that would save either chet or player.. looks like it might do both, but then again, i dunno either. lol some people actually guessed correctly that ellis was running away from the screenshots

  15. AShinySword

    I am now waiting expectantly for Chet to take an axe for Player in a bid to save his life… XD

    Just a minor request to bump up leeroy’s voice volume, at some points when the soundtrack is on, it becomes near impossible to hear, anyhow great work as always guys and I can’t wait to see the finale to this epic season!.

  16. TehKiller

    AWSOME! player won’t die woot!

    Looking forward to the next ep, an army of players.. thats worse then youtube 😮

  17. majonezar

    wow EPIC. but by this episode i just realised how tlw changed from season 1 to the part where we are now :O

  18. Guardian

    I’ve been here since episode 5 of Season 2, and let me tell you, since the first episode, I’ve been really hooked on this series. As I started S1, I’ve noticed how it shaped, the form of each character, and how each person might act during the course of the season. I’ve loved the long twists and turns, the challenges that follow, and the small character bonds.

    Season 2, Episode 11, brought me to a gasp. After all, my favorite character on TLW was in fact Player. (In Season 1, Episode 9, I almost cried when Player had died :P) Hopefully SFF, Player will live on, and try to help TLW.

    I loved the part where Player and the computer were talking to each other.
    Computer: “If you are bored, perhaps you would like to play a game?”
    Player: MEBBY…
    Player: CHESS?
    Computer: “Chess is for nerds.”
    Computer: “How about we play the shut the fu*k up game?
    I hope you are the winner.”

    That made me laugh pretty hard.

    Amazing job SFF! Keep up the good work!

  19. Noddingdog

    That’s a lot of players!

    And great series guys! It’s more than tv worthy and they need more people you.

    I just came to realise again since i started watching tlw, they’re all video charicters holding knives!!! I’ve been too distracted with the awsome drama.

    Poor cortez, he’s the only terrorist left standing 🙁

  20. TheDutchMANBEARPIG

    [quote comment=”16189″]
    Poor cortez, he’s the only terrorist left standing :([/quote]

    I have a feeling that Ellis and Montrose have learned to be muy sneaky from their great leader.

  21. Nabsuh

    Great episode =D

    Though I can see that this episode was more over the minor buildup to the bigger picture =)

    Ellis and Montrose will be back. They left way too easily, just like how they ‘killed’ starbuck in battlestar, you guys sent Ellis and Montrose off a lil too early.

    Totally saw the army coming toward the house coming 😀 I guess the house is the main battleground during the finales.

  22. RGamesINC

    Player has a self-destruct device 100 times greater than Asher’s.

    There’s a giant robotic army outside.

    Giant explosions are great for clearing out robotic armies.

    I think you all see where I’m going with this…

  23. Roflbot

    Ellis and Montrose went through the wood right?
    Mebby they will find the box and speak to Dr.Zoone?

  24. goodman84

    When they said “OH FUCK” at the end I said it at the exact same time Haha. There screwed. I hope this leads to a really good epic battle. Can’t wait till next EP however this one seemed a bit short.

  25. glebe

    The thing is, Player cant go all terrorist with his bomb and commit suicide to kill the whole army, because they’ll all have bombs in them to of equal strength. Anyway, i noticed that Westy said that the players would be a “perfect squad”, and there are only four operational characters left because player deactivated, Ahmad is dead and Ellis and Montrose left, so mebbe a super squad battle?

  26. - Anonymous -

    OMG that was good. Found it a bit shorter though? Mebbe just cause I was so inot it!

    Well when the producer was talking to the cast, Montrose and Ellis weren’t there, they gonna be heroes. Might be their time to shine their “badassness”. Player probably gonna sacrifice but maybe not because I think the whole cast of the leet world should be in the movie, it would be cool 😛

    Quite a few times a laughed pretty hard… Can’t wait for next ep. Keep em coming!

  27. awkook

    Wow awesome episode! Jeez, Mr Wolf that b***h. I like the end where chet says “AW FUCK!” That made me laugh. Cant wait for the next episode! Also, awesome job with the music, Jace!

  28. Ganoosh

    thinking maybe this is another challenge as well???

    1:15…any good odds for a Spartan haha

    I wanna see player lead the gight was againt other players with his super leet headshots!!!! mebe some team flashes in there as well hehe

  29. SNOWMAN7

    I loved what Chet and Westy was talking about the army of players.
    “Thats a lot of lolcats!”

    Can’t wait till the epic battle X)

  30. sameertulshyan

    [quote comment=”16176″]i have a strong feeling Ellis and Montrose are going to pull a Han Solo[/quote]

    i can totally see this happening

  31. Hyperkultra

    [quote comment=”16208″]Woah.
    I loved what Chet and Westy was talking about the army of players.
    “Thats a lot of lolcats!”

    Can’t wait till the epic battle X)[/quote]
    It would be worse than YouTube!
    Westy doesn’t get out much, does he?

  32. Chester

    This was funniest episode so far guys i still cant belive this will end soon i just enjoy this show 😀 !!!

  33. pl0xman123

    THAT was unbelieveablt EPIC!

    I just wanna say, I’ve been a lurker all the time.
    I’ve been a mega-fanboy of The Leet World since episode 2 and The Leet World is probably THE best Machinima that has ever been created.

    It’s sad to hear about the end of TLW and I really hoped it wouldn’t be so soon…

    Thanks for the massive awesomeness, guys. I hope you make anoher series that is just as amazing and thrilling as The Leet World.

  34. Denman_HG

    I liked Chet’s breaking of the 4th wall. “Yeah, it would be, bro, it would be.”

    I loved the subtle T3 tie-in with Player shutting himself down. Looks like everything’s coming together nicely. Ellis and Montrose are out of harm’s way for the moment, Cortez, Chet, Westy, and Leeroy are fucked, and Player’s unconscious with the evil computer. I can see a death coming up, but who?

  35. glebe

    Hey, i was wondering if after the movie is released, are you guys going to make a TLW remembrace? like a video that shows a bunch of funny or badass moments, like when Cortez shoots the cameraman.

  36. asian

    Maybe it’ll be similar to the I, Robot movie.

    The scientist will extract Player from that bot, place him into a new body. The old body is sacrificed to destroy all of the other robots, or the scientist sends a new coding to the other bots, including Player. Dunno, but something’s gonna be sacrificed.

  37. RGamesINC

    More comments from the RGames man 😀

    The “Aw, fuck!” felt like a call-back to S1E5 when Chet shouts from off-screen “What the fuck?” which is arguably one of the most classic moments of TLW for me.

    One thing that people seem to be forgetting is the Comrades. They hacked Asher, I doubt that SmoothFew is going leave this part of the plot untied. I think that they’re going to have some sort of role in fighting the Playerobot army. Or perhaps they wanted the Noobot army to be sent out of the Death room so they can hack those as well to fight against Noonien.

    Whichever direction this goes, somebody is going to die in the death room. Remember, it’s a fate worse than death. This is likely the fate reserved for The Producer. Also I have a feeling that Dr. Soong is going to end up stuck in the Death Room, possibly with one of the Players.

    Also, if somebody is going to die, my bet is on Ellis, since he’s cowarding away from danger, I’m sure he’s going to end up redeeming himself by coming back and sacrificing himself. Either him or Chet, which might actually be more likely since Chet would likely have himself die rather than lose a friend again (read his bio if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Also, if he were to die it would balance things out (1 dead T, 1 dead CT).

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