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The Hunt for Red Bot-tober.

huntHere’s Season 2, Episode 12 of The Leet World, I, Cyborg. This takes us right up to the edge of the finale, which will be a two parter to close out the series. Weird, huh?

So in this episode, the cast deals with some of Leeroy’s more WTF-inducing revelations, namely that they’ve got a homicidal psycho killer cyborg living amongst them. Some guys say some things to each other, there’s also some gun toting, a few chuckles, and even another WTF or two, because we throw those things out with no regard for human life. Or cyborg life, if that’s your style.

Anywho, check out the TLW premiere page if you’re looking for the higher res version of the episode, or just hit the jump to see the normal one.
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Happy Turkey Day!

Yeah, I know I’m a day early but I’ll be gone tomorrow, so I wanted to just leave a quick note for you guys. Episode 1 is racing to the finish line, and before you even know it, your eyes will be feasting on more of The Leet World story as it continues on into our second season. I’ve got to say, we’re totally pumped about the overall direction this season is going, and we can’t wait to jump into it with you guys.

In other news, the day that the premiere drops on the site will be an event, and you’ll see what I mean when it happens. All I can say about that is that Nick and his beard are my heroes.

I’m going to be playing the junk out of Left 4 Dead this weekend in addition to getting fat. Can’t wait!

Happy Turkey Day, dudes!

Indecision Men

Now presenting Episode 2 of Web Zeroes: Writer’s Block. We filmed this a few weeks back, and have been waiting to release it because of the teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World. This episode deals with Nate, Ray and Alex as they try to decide the direction of the story for their new show. Unfortunately, idiocy and sheer confusion hamper their progress, as always. And maybe a little Guitar Hero, for good measure.

I have to admit, it’s still funny to see ourselves on camera after a year of doing zany voices for an over-the-top reality show in Counter-Strike: Source, but so far, we’re enjoying the Web Zeroes vibe. The reception so far has been awesome, so feel free to watch and comment away.

As Arnold would say, stick around over the weekend for an update on Season 2 of TLW. Also, make me some chicken noodle soup, for I am overcome with disease and illness from Daniel. Thanks, Daniel. And a real big thanks go out to our bud Alex, who once again did a sweet job helping us out with the sound.

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