Hobo Talk and Duke Nukem

dnfAlright, gents and ladies. Here’s Episode 7 of Web Zeroes, Marathon Men. In it, the dudes try to do a video game marathon for charity, and Ray meets a hobo with quite a story. Also, there is World of Warcraft.

We really like this episode, and hope you guys do, too. It takes place in me and my wife’s new home (our first!), so there’s a change of setting from the rest of the series. In addition, you should check out the Child’s Play charity, because they do awesome things for kids in hospitals by providing them video games. For real, look them up.

Much thanks to our friend Miles for his excellent performance in this episode, as well as Jace for once again making things rule with his music. Hit the jump to see the episode!

Thanks in advance for watching and for leaving your thoughts. Spread the word and show your friends! To download the episode, head over to Revision3. Enjoy!

Also, I feel like I have to ask this, because I know how many of you are source fans- who bought Left 4 Dead 2?

20 thoughts on “Hobo Talk and Duke Nukem

  1. Thetaman

    Nice–it’s 2:45 in the morning here, and I’m not the first comment XD
    Interesting to see the turns this episode takes, and nice surprise ending there, you got me ;p

  2. babby

    haha that was great loved it, I think its the best one so far. Good job, that episode made me register and leave this comment.

  3. sameertulshyan

    great episode guys, lots of great laughs. as for left 4 dead 2, i preordered it and went berserk yesterday (asian time zone), playing it for 7 hours. i absolutely love the new weapons and game modes.

  4. Stuart

    Cool ep guys.
    Arent those guitar hero guitars? 😉
    Good ending, its nice to see this idea from the original series again.

  5. anton1r

    Sweet episode guys! nice to see a bigger story is about to develop, looking forward to watching next weeks already!

  6. Sharky

    Yay for Duke Nukem Forever jokes!
    Possibly best episode yet.

    I bought Left 4 Dead 2 as well.
    It’s good, the game actually has a plot now, the survivors go from meeting each other in the mall (Dead Center), to being rescued by the military at the end of The Parish.
    The new gibs are awesome, making explosive ammo rounds even more awesome.

  7. WasteOfSpace

    i must admit, i really liked the music for this epicsode (yes epicsode). escpecially the part when rays talking to the hobo. its soothing yet mysterious. i love it…
    keep up the good work guys XD

  8. ZakuTatami

    Wow man, that is going to be Epic!!!

    what I found that is simmilar to Leet World: A Guy who was Called Noob/Hobo started Hacking/WoW-gaming to show them better. I think that short Story of Ray we saw here is kind of similar to Ahmad. and the Duke-Nukem Guy is something like Sizzler, probably also an Immagination…

    but that’re just Thoughts good Episode and sry for my Broken English… ^^

  9. slicer4ever

    i’m not ganna lie, it was a good episode, but you guys drink ALOT of beer and alchol, kindof on the border of alcholism, if not more

  10. killaflamez

    speaking of developers…how about the developers at valve that are working on HL2EP3? me and my friend always joke on how they play too much WoW and not work on the game. Poor duke nukem dev guy can relate

  11. mrsnuffalupagus

    Great video!, that guy at 8:50 really understands what gaming is like. Hopefully alex will be ok, and be able to share the computer.

  12. SevenStar

    i loved the episode, hilarious like always. i just was sort of concerned about the Mass Effect comment you made; there really wasn’t any side boob at all. it amounts to like 4 seconds. also the elevators weren’t that bad. i have this odd feeling you didn’t actually play that game…

    anyway, amazing job on the rest of the episode, 10 outta 10

    1. Eddy

      We’re actually ridiculously huge fans of Mass Effect. You’re right about both things you said. Remember that just because our characters say it, it doesn’t always mean that’s the way we feel. 🙂

  13. WasteOfSpace

    DUDE! i got that katamari game last night at about 1 in the morning from this random store in town and OMG! its freaking random as hell, but fun as hell too!!!
    nice game XD


    Well I was looking through the old episodes for a post I made since I forgot my old username, but couldn’t find the post for some strange reason..hmm..heh. Anyway, I have to tell you guys that since I first commented on the first episode, I haven’t laughed out loud as much as I did in this one. Shows moving in a good direction and I love the content change for this episode, really connected to it more (we’ve all gotta put on our “dunce” hats sometime and talk about flashing tats just to have a little fun, ya know?). Good job guys. This may be beating a dead horse but hopefully you guys have the time to make the TLW movie eventually, even if you work on it bit by bit and it comes out 10 years later (like Duke Nukem should have). Or maybe 2 years later.

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