The Question of What’s Next

Question blockMan, it’s been quiet around here lately, eh? Since Web Zeroes ended a few weeks ago, the wheels have been turning a bit slow around the SFF wagon, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether. The biggest and most frequently asked question that we’ve seen in the last month or so has been: what’s next? I wanted to answer for that you guys as best as I could so you know that we haven’t hitched a ride on dragons out of the country or something.

The short of it is this: we’re not quite sure what’s next. That’s not for a lack of ideas at all. In fact, we actually have a surplus of them. The tricky part is narrowing it down, which will only come with time to weight out their pros and cons, and also time to chill out a bit. For real, we’re just starting to get used to having our weekends back for the first time in several years, and we’re going to enjoy that for a bit before we throw ourselves onto the content skillet again. It is a hot and buttery place. OK, that metaphor got kind of weird.

Anyway, the only thing I can really tell you is this. Our next ideas aren’t exactly small potatoes. They’re big. Orca fat, I guess you could say. Up until now, we’ve done everything without a budget and without a huge supply of time. Everything has been quick, free and dirty. The last episode of Web Zeroes is something we were able to throw a bunch of time at, and I think the effort really shows. As a result, we’re going to make sure that whatever we do next we tackle with both time and money. Just think: if we’ve pulled off the stuff we’ve done so far without a budget or ample time, it’s tough to imagine what we could do with just a little of both. Or a lot of both, which would be preferable.

And no, these do not include TLW. In conjunction with wanting to do our next project with the aforementioned time and money, we also want to be able to own it. TLW is the opposite of that, as we’ve discussed on many a fine occasion.

So, stay tuned. I promise more info is coming, along with regular updates. Some things that we’re hoping to have on the docket in the next few weeks include more lost TLW factoids, some Web Zeroes features and other cool things I can’t say just yet. In the meantime, check out GamerSushi, where we’ve got cool gaming news and podcasts.

In other machinima news, have you seen this Gears of War 3 trailer created by a variety of producers including The Duo Group, Treadster Media, Kootra and Sound Wizardry. I love it.

Discuss, gents.

27 thoughts on “The Question of What’s Next

  1. JasonGarwood

    3 simple words:


    I know, I know you’ve finished it and you found it hard but maybe make a movie and THEN be done with it, I felt the ending of Season 2 was too…incomplete. πŸ™‚ please..for us fans.

    Bring back Westy, Cortez and Co.

    1. Eddy

      Jason, while I appreciate that you and others love TLW, we’ve spoken to that many times before now. I’ve updated the post to accommodate this kind of request. If we ever re-visited machinima, it would be because we had a license to do it or had an idea for something quick and dirty. A TLW movie doesn’t fall into either of those categories. πŸ™‚

  2. RGamesINC

    Here’s a crazy idea that probably wouldn’t work, but what the hell: Live action Leet-World. Then you’d own it, right? I don’t think that people care as much about seeing the Machinema come back, it’s the characters we love, man! The CHARACTERS!

    But less of me becoming one of many whiny fans. Whatever you guys do next, it’ll be gold. Or platinum. Or maybe even… golden platinum?

    1. Eddy

      Haha, a couple of years back we joked about doing an April Fool’s Day joke on the site that was going to be a trailer for a live action Leet World movie. It was mostly going to consist of purposefully terrible split screens of me talking to myself.

  3. pinatafreak

    you should start doing G.R.I.E.F. The rooster teeth guys can maybe show you some tricks…

    Also eddy did you do a voice in a red vs blue episode?

  4. Dave

    The important thing for now is that the guys finaly have their weekends back !
    Cheers to that!

    I know what it’s like working non-stop, only that my job was a little bit different…
    Anyway, take your time to rest πŸ™‚

    Don’t get cought in that time/money thing(I heard people become jerks when they have too much of both, but i’m sure you’re talking about time/money production wise?)

    Anyway, take care.


  5. koach2

    dudes i got a realy dumb idea but it may be able to boredom arround here: what if you make your own comics, like rooster teeth does, but bout yourselves… it might end up as a great success… or epic fail… but may be worth trying that out

  6. kAkIs

    I will miss TLW aswell as many others, but everything have to end sometime, right? They won’t be doing any series forever so just appreciate the things they do while they still do it πŸ™‚

  7. fsdetained

    Loved all of your shows so far and I doubt anything new will be any different. Looking forward to whatever you make.

    You’re kind of like the 80’s, creative, original, and a little strange.

  8. robopriest

    Good to know you guys aren’t finished but if your a bit lost about what to do next, how about you guys take a break. Maybe help other machinima people, like, off the top of my head, Ross Scott with his Civil Protection series. He does need some professional help, he says it himself.

  9. Julez

    Great to see an update here. Been checking back now and then. Really excited to see what you guys have cooking. For now, the GS Podcasts are keeping me sizzling.

    Enjoy your weekends, play some games, and then blow our minds.

    Good luck boys.

  10. DarkLight523

    You guys have great sense of comedic timing. I know the majority of your work lately were protracted storylines, but I think you guys would be great at independent sketch comedy videos.

    One perk would be that your writing style would not have to adhere to an ongoing plot.

    Also, without deadlines breathing down your necks, you could film your videos at your leisure.

    I understand some people would like a set schedule, but your personal lives have to come first. And we (the fans) should be grateful for whatever videos you do make.

  11. theodoh

    It is both relieving and satisfying to know that smoothfewfilms is still alive and well. I almost had a heart attack at the end of webzeroes,as beautiful as it was. I will not ask you for anymore machinima, because I do recognize how much of a pain in the ass it is, and i would not be the first to request it. Are fond memories simply not enough?
    Thank you for this post. It brings hope in times of great darkness.

  12. Aaron Clark

    when arree eyou lazy jurksa going to get around to makeing a secnd season fo sprggs? it’s been like two years with out it, how could you turn tyour back oin your fans like that it makes me soooooooooo angry. plz make more respeftully thanks bai. can you emailme when you decide to make more, thanks. oh one more thing can i be a charcter? Iwould be so good and funny, my gamertage is TheBestHaloPlayerInTheWorldxxx11.

  13. Tarik

    you left one thing that puzzled me in the leet world, the producer in season two said something like: “The russians were working on a super soldier program, so we wanted to make a counterpart” or something like that, but scence you are not working on the leet world anymore then how about the grief series? or some shorts?

  14. nelandquinten

    I’m absolutely looking forward to what you guys come up with next. You rocked my world with TLW and Web 0’s, so I’m confident that your next project will do the same.

    But take a breather, fellas. You worked your asses off on Web 0’s on top of your real work, so you deserve a break.

    And once again, I would love to see more original, creative work from you guys in the future.

  15. Trogador

    I was wondering if we’ll see some TLW outtakes, or (fingers crossed) some Web Zeroes outtakes. I love outtakes. πŸ˜›

  16. Constantine

    I’m honestly not sure why I’m here. This is my first comment here, but I’ve been a huge fan of Smooth Few Films since around the release of the Second Season of The Leet World. And I’d first like to say thank you. SFF, you guys have helped me more than you know. I was going through a rough patch in my life when I found TLW. You guys threw me a metaphorical lifeline. It’s funny how you can go about trying to make something entertaining and end up changing lives.

    But back to why I’m here. I just finished Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, and as I set the book down, I shed a few tears. For some inexplicable reason, I was drawn to this site. I no longer check it daily, assuming that you guys are kicking back and enjoying your well-deserved R&R. Coming here, it just seemed natural after reading about someone who’s life has been totally changed. She’s come out a little different, a little more sensitive to life’s miseries, but in the end, she is with those whom she loves, and is no worse off. It sounds like how you guys helped me, minus the death and wars and political turmoil, ect.

    As I looked through the comments people have left on your site, it hit me: I haven’t said a thing. While others have written paragraphs about their loves of TLW and WZ, I’ve just snooped around and absorbed all of your hard work. I suppose that I felt like I had ripped you guys off. So once again, thank you. Thank you for 4 seasons, 10+ hours, of rehearsed comedy, not to mention practically everything I’ve accomplished in the past three years. Thank you so much. When TLW came out, I found characters that I could remember and enjoy, and a story that was both original and complex. I even went through a brief period where I came up with a prequel and an alternate storyline to TLW, and tried to scrape together a team that could follow in your guy’s footsteps. With WZ, I felt much more relatable to the characters and situations, and actually felt torn about the ending of the Season 1 finale, wanting Ray to have what’s best but also wanting to keep the gang together.

    So as for continuing, I would be perfectly content with you guys keeping everything the way it is. It’s like someone said earlier “adding on would be like painting a body on the Mona Lisa. You sacrifice some of the best artistic qualities”. However, I think that some real-life things would be great. Maybe an hour-long SFF, WZ and TLW wrap-up podcast. The most important thing is that you guys are happy, comfortable, and most of all entertained; you’ve spent far to long worrying about us for the latter.


    1. Eddy

      Constantine – seriously, thanks a lot for the kind words. They mean more than you know. It’s great and ridiculously flattering that people enjoy these ridiculous things we’ve made and put here for all of you to see. Thanks for the support and I’m really glad you got enjoyment out of what we did. That’s all we try to do, really. Make cool stuff. Sometimes we succeed, I guess.

      Also, I can’t wait to finish Mockingjay- I’m right in the middle of it!

  17. kendo

    I am so glad that I’ve been following you guys all this time. I just love your work you have done, and I appreciate the effort you have put to entertain us, your fans. I have followed you guys from the beginning of The Leet World. Thank you very much for all this you have done so far! I am expecting you guys coming with some another super duper show. I hope you won’t stop at where you are right now, because you guys have great potential!

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