A Party In Super Speed

Over the weekend, we had the super awesome series wrap party for Web Zeroes, where we had drinks and food while hanging out with fans and friends. It was a nice way to close the chapter on what was a long and grueling year for us. The highlight of the evening for me was probably when we all watched the series finale together at the close of the night, and everyone sang along to the WZ theme that ended the episode.

Releasing stuff on the Internet, we get so used to just putting a video up and moving onto the next thing. Viewer reactions are just words on a screen, so it’s just a really nice break to see people face to face who love the show and to hear their laughter while we watch in a big group. Nice to know that there have been some folks enjoying it in that way at their own homes. Or at least, that’s the hope.

Anyway, we’ve put up a time lapse video of the entire series wrap party. Check it out. Many thanks to our buddy Ryan Johnson for putting it together. Music is by Jace, of course, and it gets pretty rocking by the end. He’s the one whose face appears about halfway through, by the way.

And yes, Ahmad and Leeroy are there in the fray. Happy hunting.

13 thoughts on “A Party In Super Speed

  1. CrazyIvan1745

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the party. Really wasn’t all that far from me either, but I had to choose that weekend to be out of town. I wish you guy’s at SmoothFewFilms the best of luck. I really hope you guys continue to produce work every now and then even if it is just shorts. I hated to see the series end but it ended well and that’s all you can ask for in a show. Again great work.

  2. Michael Denton

    Nick was chatting up the ladies there at one point. 😉
    Loving the ending 😛

  3. Eddy

    Notable moments:

    0:29 – Daniel, Nick and Eddy take pictures with super fan Adam.

    1:05 – Cast and crew picture on the steps. Partially blocked by the tree.

    1:10 – Ty (Bobby King) offers a toast and wishes Eddy a happy birthday from the stage.

    1:20 – Everybody sings happy birthday.

    2:50 – Jace Ford (aka Damn Dangerous) puts his face in the camera.

    3:46 – Jace offers a toast to Daniel, Nick and Eddy.

    3:50 – Everyone watches the series finale.

    4:35 – Lined up from left to right (sorta), bottom row: Jace, Alex (Pedro in WZ), Daniel, Alice (Amy), Eddy, Jen (Diane), Miles (Kegger), Nick

    Top row: Jeff (co-writer of TLW and WZ, Dr. Soong in TLW), Ty (Bobby King, Mendoza, Asher)

  4. thewind32

    Wow. Wish I could have been there to hang out. But I live in Singapore. Dang.

    Anyway, “1:10 – Ty (Bobby King) offers a toast and wishes Eddy a happy birthday from the stage.” What?!?!?! Happy belated birthday Eddy!!

  5. Gassy Mexican

    Although it sucks to see the show go, I’m hopeful to see more content from you guys when you have the time by way of shorts, or whatever you may have planned.

    I’ve been watching the show since it’s start (it’s first start) and I’ve really enjoyed the work you guys have put forward to entertain us. I know it must have been difficult juggling the show and real life. Just know that you guys have made a lot of people happy with your work, and ended the show well. Wish I could have been to the wrap party.

    Also, I absolutely burst out laughing when Ty did the George McFly voice….simply brilliant.

    All the best to you guys,

    -Max G.

  6. Malla

    Hey guys, I loved the last episode and I wish I could’ve gone to the Wrap party… to Rant about how Eddy never made it up to Dianne for being a douche bag throughout 2 whole seasons.

    Not saying Eddys been a bad character, just saying Dianne deserves a medal of some sort, for all the crap she’s taken.

  7. Sir_Godspeed

    It’s moments like these that make me curse that I live in Norway. Oh well, congrats on what looked like a great party, and congrats on an awesome wrap-up of the series. I’m looking forward to whatever you guys get into in the future.


  8. SevenStar

    congratulations on finishing up one of the best web shows I’ve ever seen, but now I must ask a question thats been burning in my mind since i saw the finale: “What’s next?”

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