Fan Made Leet World Season 3 Trailer

One of our favorite things over the years has been seeing when people create something inspired by Leet World. YouTube user DoorCloser just sent us his own take on a Season 3 teaser just yesterday, and we love it.

This season, we’d love to showcase fan art however we can. Send moar plz.

5 thoughts on “Fan Made Leet World Season 3 Trailer

  1. Daniel Sheehan

    Hey that was pretty good! The SFM style wasn’t all that bad either. A well done and well deserved trailer

  2. Jeff

    Public service announcement: if you’ve come here to respond about a fan-made work (this or anything else we post in the future) and you don’t have something nice (or at least constructive) to say, your comment is going directly to the trash. Enjoy oblivion!

  3. DoorCloser

    I almost forgot to thank you guys for uploading this video here. I’ve never had such amount of views on my youtube videos, so thank you again. Stay smooth, try to keep up your spirits.

  4. Marine

    Haha, I was wondering what they are going to do with all that bottles and then…what a disappointment.

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