SFF Hits More Views than Anyone, Ever

Or something like that. I don’t remember the details, but we made a video to say how great you guys totally are for watching us be stupid on the internet.

Seriously. <3

8 thoughts on “SFF Hits More Views than Anyone, Ever

  1. DoorCloser

    Остаются гладкими 🙂 Thank you guys! All Russians in the world would appreciate it. Stay smooth and awesome! That thing that you’re working on is great!

  2. cHeT [BeWasted]

    You forgot about my 50 views per episode. Which is like… What? *calculates* Like 1500 views? Either way I’ve been waiting for this since 5 and a half years ago and I can safely say that rarely any community has gotten this much hype since the trailer first came out. Hope to see some TLW updates soon!!
    PS: I love the Player spoiler. inb4 bad concealing ^^

  3. Leli

    You havent uploaded any news since 6th april. What is up with you guys? It would be really nice if you present us a sreenshot or something in this sort. Fans are annoying, huh?

    p.s. my gravatar looks like a pe**s wtf.

    1. Jeff


      …Seriously, though, we’re working hard on the show and we’re still at a point in the process where there’s only so much news we can share. That’s why things are occasionally a bit quiet around here.

      Also, re: your Gravatar, YOU’RE WELCOME (you can change it at gravatar.com if you really want to).

      1. Eddy Post author

        Yeah, I’ve also like… had a new baby in the last month, so anytime I get 20 minutes I have to choose whether I want to sleep or actually work on Leet World. Posting usually falls to the wayside, but I’ll update soon, I promise!

  4. Daniel Sheehan

    I laughed my butt off at this xD

    Go Russians.

    Go Eastern European territory comrades who wish to repair crumbling regimes and use prize money to buy own country and vodka.

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