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Leet World Season 3: The Bros Are Back



We got a new screenshot for you, this time of everyone’s favorite bros. The first two* episodes of the season are appropriately titled “Reunion,” as they primarily deal with getting The Leet World cast back together to deal with <secrets>. I still get kind of giddy seeing the characters together again. In some ways it’s like they never left that weird spot in my brain reserved for Leet World.

Hope you all feel the same when you see it.

Leet World Season 3: Chet and Player

The Bros Are Back

More to come.

*episodes subject to change because reasons

Happy New Year, Dudes

hny1Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New Year to ring in 2009. Hopefully this one will bring many more laughs, twists, surprises, and great storylines for all of your favorite characters. We’ve got lots of great stuff in store for both TLW and WZ, and when we get around to it, G.R.I.E.F.

Thanks for sticking around to watch our ridiculous videos, and for encouraging us to do more. You guys are pretty cool.

Play some games, rock out like Chet, and party like animals. Stay away from Nick, though. He is dangerous when full of the alcohol. A veritable yeti/mountain man, full of trickery and/or hijinks. Those are dangerous things brewing together.

Anywho, happy new year, dudes. Play some Counter-Strike or go kill some zombies or something.

Workin’ for the Weekend

Everybody’s doing it. Well, specifically, Nick and I are doing it.

Unfortunately, with Daniel gone, part 3 of the Finale is taking longer than it was originally going to, meaning that it’s going to get pushed to next week. With the three-day weekend because of Will Smith Day (some would call it Independence Day), we really want to take advantage of that extra time and make sure that this final video of the Season is the way that it should be. Anytime sooner and it just wouldn’t be up to par.

Believe me, if anyone is disappointed, it’s us, because we were gunning to get all three parts up when we said we would. However, all of that was said before we went down a man, and as Chet would say, shit’s changed. Sorry dudes. But know that the finale will be better for it.

For you fellow Americans, don’t get too crazy tomorrow and blow off any of your fingers.

Chet: Living Extra Hard

I can’t write this update and not talk about Grand Theft Auto IV, which so far is turning out to be nearly as good as all the reviews have depicted it. I’ve got to say I’m surprised that none of the coverage I’ve read has mentioned the slightly clunky controls. While they don’t detract from the overall greatness of the game, they do deserve to be noted.

Needless to say, I attended the midnight launch the other night with Daniel and Kerry. There’s something magical about standing in line with other nerds. It reminded me of every other midnight gaming event I’ve stumbled through, and while I briefly felt shame, I know that I’d wait in line again for that PS2, Wii, etc.

On the subject of midnight launches, our Halo short arrives later this week. You’ll understand that transition once you’ve seen it.

As promised, a new challenger enters the ring with his bio this week. Switching back to the Counter-Terrorists, we’ll be taking a look at the life of Chet.

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Leeroy’s Masterpiece

We promised it when we released Episode 10, so here it is: the premier of Leeroy’s short film, “Conform”.

[Sarcasm]  It is a heartfelt drama about… well, really, you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves. Leeroy’s a deep thinker, you see, and that kind of stuff just goes over my head.

Other quotes about the movie:

“NeEDS MOAR SeTS!11!”- Player

“A digimal triumph.”- Ellis

“I don’t know what the f— this movie is about.”- Chet

Try to enjoy. You won’t be able to if you’re not artsy enough. At least, that’s what Leeroy told us.[/Sarcasm] Also, expect some more extras by the end of the week.

FYI- This movie is a joke. It’s supposed to be bad.

We’re in the Future!

We are now in 2008. Where are my flying cars and robots? Nowhere. The future is lies, I’ve decided.

In honor of this new year, I bring to you more gifts, tidings, etc. First, we’ve been hearing that some people want the lolcat picture from the holiday special…


Second, I have the audio outtakes from Episode Eight. Funny stuff. To me, one of the best parts is when I’m doing the voice of the combine soldier (pre-effects, of course), and I slip into doing Cortez. I kind of freaked out when I did it, because it was so sudden. Also, every time Nick goes off in the “Chet” persona, it’s always hilarious. Give it a listen.


Happy New Year, dudes!