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Is It November Already?

As per our last update, we are pushing as hard as we can on The Leet World. December looms, and with it our original announced release window of 2015 for season 3 of The Leet World. Are we going to make it?

We’re still not sure. Really it depends how much more we can get through by the first week of December. Things are moving much more quickly now that we’ve fixed our process — seriously, stuff that used to take us weeks now only takes a night or two — but the volume of work is so high it’s hard to pinpoint where we are right now. Ideally, we’ll have multiple episodes finished when we start releasing, so we can release them on a set, extremely regular schedule which I will not give any more details on just yet.

But be assured: things are improving. I really wish we could show you more, and soon you’ll start to see a bit more when we can get a trailer ready. My hope is early December for that.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to do near as much work on Leet World as I would like these days, but Daniel, Nick, Jace and Jeff plus our awesome team have really been cranking through scenes and creating awesome stuff. It’s seriously inspiring the amount of stuff that’s getting done right now.

Why haven’t I been able to do more? Well for one, I’ve got a book coming out tomorrow. Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide will be in stores everywhere starting tomorrow, so if you love me you should buy it. Hell, even if you don’t love me you should buy it.

In addition to that, I’ve been writing for Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show The Know. This is a temporary gig, but it’s definitely taking up the majority of my free time. So watch that if you followed GamerSushi at all and want more gaming goodness.

More coming here soon. Thanks everyone.

The Leet World VLOG: Motion Capture

In the newest edition of the TLW VLOG, we give a little preview of how we’re utilizing motion capture in season 3 of Leet World. While most of what we’re doing amounts to the homiest of home brews, we also had the opportunity to travel to Austin recently to work on a fight scene that happens early on in the season.

No doubt many of you have heard by now that one of Rooster Teeth’s staff, Monty Oum, passed away last week. Monty was the creator of RWBY, one of the heads of Rooster Teeth’s animation department, and an all around great human being, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to complete our motion capture when we visited in December. He took time out of his Saturday to make sure that we had everything we needed, and constantly came in to help us troubleshoot any issues we were having. It was a very kind gesture for someone who had no stake in our project whatsoever.

While I didn’t know Monty well, I’ve worked on a couple of things here and there with him throughout my time of contract writing for Rooster Teeth. I’ve always been amazed at his drive, his creativity and the way his mind worked. One of the highlights of my life was seeing my words brought to life with Monty’s animation in season 10 of Red Vs. Blue. It was a special memory that is only possible because of the many gifts he gave his fans and viewers.

Rest in peace, Monty. Thanks for pouring yourself into your work.

The Season Premiere

AvatarHere is Episode 14 of Web Zeroes, and the start of Season 2, Going Viral. In it, we find out the fate of Ray and the guys, and what is next on the docket in their attempts to be Web famous. It might involve something you all are familiar with. Or not. Plus, there are Avatar jokes.

Whereas last season took a few episodes to launch us into the story proper, we’re getting things going right off the bat this time around. And it only gets more ridiculous from there. Also, I’d like to point out that a couple of cast members appear shirtless and/or pantless in this kick-off, so yeah, it’s a party. Take off your pants too, if you want. We’re not here to judge. Well, maybe I am.

Special thanks to RoosterTeeth for appearing in our goofy show again. And much thanks to Jace and Alex for wrangling the music and sound over the weekend. They are wranglers of the finest sort, and they also work for free, so that’s cool.

To watch the episode or spew burning magma flames at us, hit the jump.
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FAQ’in Around

faqIt really is nice to have the Web Zeroes announcement out in the open. We’ve been working our butts off on the rebooted version of the series for a couple of months now to make the Fall release date.

The support coming in from you guys and from other places has been really awesome for us, especially after giving our all to get that TLW Finale up. Thanks for that. We even got some nice props from Burnie Burns, of a little outfit known as Rooster Teeth.

In recent days, JJ has updated the trusty SFF FAQ page. We’re still taking some questions, so send them in. A few of you have been asking some questions about the new show. So I thought I’d answer those and a few more below the jump:
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PAX Rules

Just a quick update: PAX is incredible. Yesterday was practically a sensory overload in terms of going places and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff. We said hello to people from Bungie, Mega 64, Felicia Day, RoosterTeeth, and we also saw a ton of unreleased games like Dead Space, Fallout 3, etc. I’ll write a bigger post with pictures about it soon enough, but it was just a very cool day overall for us in terms of handing out DVD’s and business cards and trying to get our name out there.

If you’re interested in reading more at the moment in terms of actual games, I’ve put a couple of things up on GamerSushi, including a blurb about the coolest thing we saw all day in a clip of an animated Red Vs Blue series. I’ve also put up a video of MK vs DC (Batman vs the Joker!), and there are more videos coming over the next few hours.

G.R.I.E.F. Trailer

In a world overrun with hoodlums, criminals and vagabonds— griefers — one government agency rises to take a stand against an abomination that threatens the very existence of Matchmaking.

This is a trailer for our new Halo mini-series that should be hitting next month, titled, as you all know, G.R.I.E.F. It’s going to be an action/comedy series with a heavy emphasis on the action. We’re excited about it, and you should be too.

Stay tuned to the site for some more cool announcements and extras this week (some of it TLW related) that you definitely don’t want to miss. Huzzah!

Edit: Much thanks to Burnie from Rooster Teeth for the shout out. You all should go check out Ep 12 of Reconstruction.

Things to Come…

So in two weeks, Daniel and I will be flying out to Seattle to partake in PAX. For those of you don’t know, PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo and it is a glorious celebration in gaming and gamers. There will be a number of awesome things to do, including seeing Rooster Teeth, Jonathan Coulton, a bevy of unreleased games and hours of other fine entertainments. To check out the full line up of the nerdery, click here. Looks wild.

Anywho, we’re busy fist-pumping about that, and excited to get out there and say hey to some folks. Other things we’re excited about include Web Zeroes, which is now getting closer to completion. In addition, we’re nearing the launch of our new site(s) as well as the trailer for GRIEF, part of which was filmed tonight.

Much thanks to all you dudes who participated. Some screenies:

Epic Shots

We cliffhang like Sly Stallone.

Now that the hubbub over the end of Part 2 has died out long enough for me to speak, I wanted to give you dudes a few screenshots from Part 3 of the Season Finale. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when it’s going to be out, because it’s all taking a tad longer than we anticipated. Rest assured that Nick and I are devoting virtually all of our free time to knocking this finale out of the park. I’ll let you know more soon, along with an announcement or two.

U HEER DAT Montages Shoot ze glass

Also, if you have a few moments, I have some lines in the new episode of Red Vs Blue. You can hear my dulcet tones in the first scene and elsewhere. Woot and such.

Road Trip!

This weekend was kind of awesome. After staying up until 3 AM to release Episode 13, Smooth Few Films grabbed a highway gear and trucked out of Houston on Friday at 9 AM, bound for Austin, land of the wonderful and weird.

Why were we going? Several weeks ago we received an invitation from none other than Rooster Teeth, the creators of Red vs Blue, to come up for a visit in Austin, where their studio is based. We happily obliged.

Once there, we were given a tour of their place, talked machinima, movies and gaming, grabbed some grub and knocked back a few cold ones. I have to say that Rooster Teeth’s reputation of being nice, super-cool guys is spot on, and they were great hosts. As a long time fan of their work, it was cool validation for me that what we’re doing here on this site is worth the late nights and long hours.

Smooth Few Films + RT

I am bound to the obligatory rule of the internet, “pics or it didn’t happen”. Even when that picture makes me, Nick and Daniel look horrendous.

Pictured: Nick, Eddy and Daniel from Smooth Few Films plus Matt, Burnie and Nathan from Rooster Teeth. Not pictured: Jeff, Eddy’s Dignity.

In other equally awesome news, my brother Kerry, who plays Leeroy, graduated college this weekend. Congrats dude.