The GunStop Way

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Ever needed a weapon desperately, only to be told by the retailer that you couldn’t buy one without a pre-order? Or perhaps you keep wondering where all of the mom-and-pop gun and ammo stores went to? Then perhaps you’re familiar with GunStop, the dominant weapons retailer on XBox Live. This is a short filmed with the Halo 3 engine. For all you gamers that have had the pleasure of dealing with the store that is being parodied in this video, we trust that you can relate to some of the experiences inside.

42 thoughts on “The GunStop Way

  1. Backflip180

    At the start i thought the idea behind the short was not as original as the other shorts. By the end i was laughing but still i enjoyed the other shorts more. Still good job at least your making a effort

  2. Silverwolf

    Having worked in retail for two different stores, I find this video in poor quality…

    …because it it woefully incomplete. You see, there are a few points you missed.

    -The customer is always right…or you let them THINK they are. Until, when they least expect it, you CRUSH them, and HAVE THEM AT YOUR MERCY!

    -No successful sale is without a bit of give and take. Now don’t fret, what you give has been pre-measured and packaged to always produce more take. For example:
    GIVE: A customer membership card which includes an account for store credit on trade-in items, 10% discount on purchases of used items, and a free subscription to the magazine for one year.
    TAKE: Customer’s used games in exchange for less than their trade-in value, future business from the customer so they can use their trade-in value, profits from bulk sales on used items, and pre-orders for upcoming releases on premium items (which is a gamble for them because the store might not always get enough in…and much like Vegas, the odds are in favor of the house, or in this case, the store).

    GIVE: A store charge card with fringe benefits like first dibs on discounted or sale items.
    TAKE: Excessively high interest payments for any balance on the card.

    GIVE: The customer an exclusive pre-order package deal on that next-gen game console including extra controller, two games of their choice, replacement guarantee, and membership in your exclusive in-store club.
    TAKE: More money from the customer than what the package is worth, because the customer will realize that the console is useless without games, and you’re the only company that’s even getting the next-gen console.

    See how easy that is?

    -Never let a customer leave dissatisfied, and never let a dissatisfied customer leave–alive, anyway. (Besides, they make great window decor for Halloween, the release of that cool survival horror game, or, with some epoxy, spraypaint, and sheet metal, stand-up character models like Master Chief and Gordon Freeman!)

    -If all else fails, tell them you’ll check in the back for their pre-order/backstock/the manual/your manager/whatever, and when you get into the back room, call mall security and have the customer escorted out for loitering.

    -If you can order it off of ThinkGeek, you can use it for a store display or as a stock of impulse items that make your store look more 133t, and bring in more gamers who think you know what you’re doing.

    (PS: yes, the “poor quality” jab was a joke, this video rocks! Which map did you use?)

  3. Eddy

    Dude, Silverwolf- great write up! Seriously, that was awesome.

    Believe me, we had a lot of stuff we wanted to do, but had a time limit set in mind to keep it short and watchable. Those were all awesome ideas that could have easily been in here. And the “woefully incomplete” thing made me laugh.

  4. Poison Angel


    I love the blue guy. i talk like him all the time in real life.


  5. Dustin

    w00t, 10th Response! Great Video, haha! “Your leg thrusts are so powerful! And the placement of that crotch upon his brow is flawless!!! …Incredible…”

  6. Lagsalot

    so i’m the 13th… huh.
    This video is awesome.
    Still got a little problem.
    Did you know that there are a lot of foreign peeps watching this?
    It’s sometimes really hard to understand what you guys say. (no offense, but hey… I’m from Russia, and… you know… sometimes… what Leeroy says makes no sense at all. And it’s quiet easy to understand what Cortez says.) I’m not asking for subtitles or anything… But maybe you could post scripts or something?
    From Russia with love ^^

  7. Chris

    You guys need to do more Halo shorts.

    The guy with the CQB helmet is awesome. there should be a whole series about that guy.

  8. Obviously Anthony

    Yeah, I didn’t think it was all that great with no music an’all and the voices were to similar to leet world, like Chet’s for example, as great as it is i don’t think it fit the part.
    The voice near the end for Gunfly I thought was fucking excelent and I laughed for like a whole hour at the T-bagging, but thats just me, random corpse humping is entertaining…

    anyway yeah, not your best work in my opinion (not a strong one) but still it was worth the time to watch it, just for the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Marth182

    This video gets more awesome every time I watch it!

    There are no GameStops here in Canada, but I imagine that EB Games is essentially the same thing.(I think that they’re owned by the same parent company…EB Games asks you to pre-order a bunch of bullshit as well.)

    Did you put a filter on Forge for this video? Looks kinda like the “gloomy” filter.

  10. Boone

    Whoever was doing the Will Ferrel parody character was great, not only sounded like him, but also executed great on the style – “You’re speaking in paradoxes” Great!

  11. GainesWorthy

    Also, when the spokesman for Gun Stop speaks he starts out with a semi-scratchy voice then switches to Westheimer gradually. Was that intended?

  12. Rye

    my god your leg thrusts are so powerful and the placement of that crotch upon the brow is incredible.. that and BABAGES have got to be the funniest things i ever heard but thats probably because of the voice acting which is good. >:3 please do more crazy things constructed on paradoxs.

  13. Leon

    What’s Weapons ETC in REAL LIFE? Theres NintendoLand, Uh Idk, EB GAMES, and a random store.

  14. BlackShiraya

    [quote comment=”8678″]What’s Weapons ETC in REAL LIFE? Theres NintendoLand, Uh Idk, EB GAMES, and a random store.[/quote]

    NintendoLand, Video Games Etc, EB Games, Babbage’s (GameStop’s former name when it was founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas)

  15. Mr.McStupid

    When i was reading the coments, i found someone asked what map this was, just cant find it again to quote.

    it was “blackout” in halo 3’s lengandary mappack

  16. Spongeman

    Aww… That’s not true… (Well maybe at my local Gunstop….. GAMESPOT my bad)

    I’m actually trying to get a job their. I’ve seen alot of the employees help pick out games for kids that are actually good! One kid was about to buy Sonic and The Secret of the Rings (which we all know is CRAP! And costed 45$) And the employee convinced the kid that since he liked sonic so much, he could purchase the Sonic Collection for about 5 bucks, Sonic Battle for 10 bucks (that game was ok in my opinion) and Sonic Heros for 10 bucks (Another ok sonic game) But all those sonic games were way better than that piece of crap for the Wii! Plus he saved the kid 20 bucks in the process! I was glad that they didn’t sucker the kid to buy that crappy game. Even though the other games were Gamecube games, the Classic Sonics from the Genesis times were always a good thing.

  17. Spongeman

    Wait NO! NOT Gamespot… GameSTOP! GAMESTOP!!! Heaven forbid I actually try to get a job THERE!!

  18. xIronGolemx

    [quote comment=”9423″][quote comment=”8678″]What’s Weapons ETC in REAL LIFE? Theres NintendoLand, Uh Idk, EB GAMES, and a random store.[/quote]

    NintendoLand, Video Games Etc, EB Games, Babbage’s (GameStop’s former name when it was founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas)[/quote]

    Huh… I thought it was Funcoland and Software Etc… EB I agree. It’s just the newer name for Electronics Boutique. The three of those and Babbage’s merged together and formed GunStop or something like that.

  19. Son0fNone

    OMG I buy from gamestop in real life. I’m such a bastard

    lol at Guncoland,AB gun and Babages. I never heard of weapons etc. I thought best buy or circuit city might be in as well.

    Its true their used games are some times over prices and not much goes back to developers/publishers.

    Damn it I should have bought my games from bestbuy.

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