The Bag Boy

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To squat or not to squat? A father catches his son in the act of a questionable post-battle celebration. Is decency a thing of the past? This is a short produced and captured at 720p using the Halo engine. If you’ve ever been the victim of the infamous “Teabag” on XBox Live, then you might identify with this family’s dilemma.

35 thoughts on “The Bag Boy

  1. Pete2205

    “….Dammit Steven! If you ever get an urge like that just take care of it in private, take a walk or read a book. ANYTHING BUT TEA BAGGING!”
    Classic πŸ™‚

    Lol at the mass effect reference! or should I say Mass Erect?!

  2. sCoRp!oN

    Lol staring t-baging the guy at they end when he told his son not to and he gets killed he kills that guy and he t-bags HIM BANG BANG BANG BANG OHH YEAAA

  3. shadow of orion

    man that guy sucks at aiming with the sniper but funny movie guys im going to be telling this to my friends tommorow at lunch

  4. jaGo

    ahh..classic short guys. I swear you guys should start making halo 3 eps, cause they look awesome in this crisp HD format, you’re writing is hilarious and there would be so much you could do.

  5. Schu Bird

    You guys are Gods!!! I don’t know where you come up with these ideas, but please never let it stop.

  6. asio

    “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”
    “Well, I don’t take fall damage, so maybe.”
    Damn, you guys are good!
    Now do something with TF2.

  7. Eddy

    This comment gave me a good laugh. Everybody and their mom has seen that video. Apparently satire is lost on some. πŸ™‚

    The dad is an old-fashioned guy who assumes that games like Mass Effect are corrupting his children. It’s a comment about how the Wii always seems to get positive coverage in the media, while other video games are linked to things like violence, sex, etc.

  8. Whitaker DJ

    “we lost her in the beta!” lol

    anyway, WHO dosen’t know Cooper Lawrence? jeez…
    and everybody even knows that she got owned and apologized later.
    (if you really didn’t know that, go to The New York Times and read it man.)

    I actually laughed soooooo hard when steven’s father said,
    “You’ve been playing mass effect game again, haven’t you?”
    “No, I’ve been playing Wii sports, honest!”

    omg… Eddy, Daniel, Nick you guys did such a great job
    not only commenting on a phenomenon that’s happening in most FPS games,
    but also drawing a parallel line to the real world.
    (especially about that controversy over video games)
    This shorts was even better than the Over-achiever one, which was
    again fantastic – with a great story and quality.
    Keep up the good work guys.

    I will be eagerly waiting for Episode 11 πŸ™‚

  9. Sharky

    I like how stephen’s voice got a lot deeper when he died.
    & I too, hate people who use the ghost on Snowbound.

  10. PolyphonicSpr33

    Hmm… I thought the Mass Effect comment was a reference to that horrible article on by that one guy… linked to it from PennyArcade.
    Guess I was wrong.

    Regardless, you guys are great. Excellent writing, way better than RoosterTeeth’s.
    You should seriously consider doing more with Halo 3, like jaGo said.

  11. SwampFox

    Great job guys, great little short. I’m not sure how it compares to Rooster Teeth, ’cause I’m a big fan and probably a bit biased, but the quality of your videos are superb. That sort of thing will set your stuff up above the rest, so keep up the high quality vids.

  12. nerdulon

    Good machinima, although the ending is a bit predictable. Oh, and pete, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re a fan of zero punctuation, right?

  13. sonic xII

    that was great if u care or not i te bag i css loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    i p0wn every own fuck the terorrists they suck and a i hate elite crew

    ps: do more shit like that a il give you 1000$

  14. RvB fan, Eggert

    The leet world episodes are really good and this short episode is also pretty great. Rooster Teeth aren’t the only ones who know good humor I see. πŸ˜€

  15. Fire soul

    Think about what your mother would say to this?
    Shes gone dad we lost her in the beta
    Damn you bungie Damn you! lol cleaver I almost forgot about the beta

  16. Eddy

    [quote comment=”10521″]Is the dad westy and chet the son? and i think the elite is player[/quote]

    This has absolutely nothing to do with The Leet World.

  17. zap attack3 0_0

    Listen carefully and as soon as you see the kid kill the elite the turret guy kills him! XDD
    Roket luancher FTW =D

  18. Son0fNone

    dude that was awesome
    I love the conversation between the father and son reminds of real life conversations between father and son about sex and drugs.

    Great job
    I hate tea bagging and rocket whores and vehicle whores. Camping is not bad as the others.

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