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The Machinima List

As some of you know, we were nominated for some awards recently. Well, the machinima lords and lasses have handed down the full list of 2008 Machinima Filmfest Nominees, so go ahead and get your browsing on. There are a few good pieces on there- some of it I had seen, some of it was new to me.

Notable among those are several nominations for our friends over at Lit Fuse, a fun short called World of Workcraft that combines cs_office with WoW, and a cinematography nomination for TheDuoGroup. If you’re unfamiliar with that last one, you need to check out Without Providence, which has some stunning visuals for a Halo short. Big fan of their work. Great stuff.

Check out the whole list of nominations here. Seen any of the other entries? What are your favorites?