The Machinima List

As some of you know, we were nominated for some awards recently. Well, the machinima lords and lasses have handed down the full list of 2008 Machinima Filmfest Nominees, so go ahead and get your browsing on. There are a few good pieces on there- some of it I had seen, some of it was new to me.

Notable among those are several nominations for our friends over at Lit Fuse, a fun short called World of Workcraft that combines cs_office with WoW, and a cinematography nomination for TheDuoGroup. If you’re unfamiliar with that last one, you need to check out Without Providence, which has some stunning visuals for a Halo short. Big fan of their work. Great stuff.

Check out the whole list of nominations here. Seen any of the other entries? What are your favorites?

12 thoughts on “The Machinima List


    Wow, all great machinima. I’m crazy about Litfuse’s “War of the servers”. Just some ‘awsome’ work, I think I watched it 5 times.
    I see you guys got plenty of awards! Congrats.

  2. peabnuts123

    The only thing contending with The Leet World would be This Spartan Life. I can’t believe The Leet World was only “Honorary mention”…

    But yes, “War of the Servers” is sooo good. Seeing as War of the Worlds was like my favourite movie before-hand, and then it was just so well made and stuff… awesome stuff.

  3. Eddy

    Doh! Forgot about that. Congrats, by the way. I meant to send you a message on XBL about it but my Internet has been acting so screwy I haven’t been on.

  4. 5aga-m4n

    yeah, Workcraft was really good. All the references were spot-on and funny.

    And damn, what resolution TV was Without Providence filmed on? Cuase, damn!

  5. jsXanatos

    i’m not positive if i’m going to NY yet, but you guys need to try your best to go…for the SOURCE MACHINIMA SUMMIT!

  6. Niceman

    Workcraft was very funny. But clear skies is definetly some of the best machinima i have seen *cough* uhm besides the leet world *please dont ban me*

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