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Weekend at PAX: Wrap-Up

PAX is officially over, and the weekend was worth every penny we spent getting there. It’s always been my dream to attend something like this, a video game convention I suppose, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. If you’ve been reading up on it over at GamerSushi, you’ll know that I’ve played a ton of games and seen a lot of cool things.

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In Seattle!

Daniel and I are here in Seattle and geeking out a little about attending PAX in the morning. Me more so than him. It’s been a long day of traveling and getting some major junk together. Getting what together, you may ask. DVD’s and business cards, actually.

We’ll be handing these bad boys out to some folks in the gaming biz over the weekend. The DVD’s have the TLW season recap, some of our shorts and the first episode of Web Zeroes, due out next week. And before you ask, no, you can’t have one (sorry, supplies are limited). This will be a good way for us to get our name out there to some of these cool dudes that we’ll be meeting.

Now, it’s time for bed and then off to adventures tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have some cool Smooth Few Films related news to report shortly. In the meantime, keep an eye on GamerSushi for videos and pictures from the PAX floor.

Edit: We’re handing these out to business-types, not just random people. Thought I should point that out.