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Hanging at SXSW

sxswSo I’ve been at South By Southwest all weekend, and it’s been great. No, I’m not here for SFF stuff, I’m actually here on business for my job. I’ve been hanging out at lots of cool panels about social media and the like. Right now I’m sitting at the Dead Space panel that EA is doing about its cross-over media platforms that they marketed Dead Space with.

I haven’t played the game yet, but I really need to. I’m kind of a big little girl when it comes to playing horror games, and I seriously scream like a fool. I have no doubt that this will be any different when I play Dead Space, but brave those dark corridors I must, for the good of my gaming health. Even at the detriment of my psychological health.

Yesterday I experienced an exciting but strange “first”. Walking around downtown Austin towards my hotel room, I came across the line for the Digg party, and was stopped by two awesome dudes that happened to be Smooth Few Films fans. It was wild that they recognized me, and I probably looked like a dork with my laptop and my rain stuff, but it was really cool to get to talk to some fans face to face. It made my day, and Stephan and Casey were two cool dudes to boot. Thanks, guys.

Also, much thanks for the comments on Episode 6. The ground work has finally been laid for Season 2, and things kind of go into face-rocking mode from here on out, officially.