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The Bury Squad

diggRight on schedule, here is Episode 10 of Web Zeroes, The Drop. In it, the dudes scramble to remove an unfinished Web site from Digg before lots of people see it and hate it. One wonders who they might contact to accomplish such a feat…

This is certainly an interesting episode both for us and for you guys, as it finally starts to hit the territory that the previous iteration of the series first hinted at. You’ll see what I mean at the end. For us, these last few episodes have been an absolute blast to make, and we really feel like we’re getting towards our stride. Apparently, we tend to gravitate towards something not all that dissimilar from Leet World- ridiculous dramatic situations, so we’re starting to see that more and more in Web Zeroes.

Speaking of Leet World there are more than a few nuggets for you TLW fans in this episode. Hit the jump to watch!
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Hanging at SXSW

sxswSo I’ve been at South By Southwest all weekend, and it’s been great. No, I’m not here for SFF stuff, I’m actually here on business for my job. I’ve been hanging out at lots of cool panels about social media and the like. Right now I’m sitting at the Dead Space panel that EA is doing about its cross-over media platforms that they marketed Dead Space with.

I haven’t played the game yet, but I really need to. I’m kind of a big little girl when it comes to playing horror games, and I seriously scream like a fool. I have no doubt that this will be any different when I play Dead Space, but brave those dark corridors I must, for the good of my gaming health. Even at the detriment of my psychological health.

Yesterday I experienced an exciting but strange “first”. Walking around downtown Austin towards my hotel room, I came across the line for the Digg party, and was stopped by two awesome dudes that happened to be Smooth Few Films fans. It was wild that they recognized me, and I probably looked like a dork with my laptop and my rain stuff, but it was really cool to get to talk to some fans face to face. It made my day, and Stephan and Casey were two cool dudes to boot. Thanks, guys.

Also, much thanks for the comments on Episode 6. The ground work has finally been laid for Season 2, and things kind of go into face-rocking mode from here on out, officially.

The Workaholics

The wait is finally over! We now present Episode Nine, “Satisfaction Guaranteed“. Over the last month, we’ve taken some time to look at the next half of season one, and how to help improve on the next batch of episodes. We’ve even started looking forward to the future. I think you guys will like what’s in store down the road for The Leet World, and from Smooth Few Films in general.

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Also- expect lots of extras in the next week or two.


Halo 3: The Over-Achiever

A young soldier struggles to find meaning in a world that is driven by Achievements. This is a short created in the Halo 3 engine, captured at 720p. Anyone that’s had any experience in the world of XBox Live should understand the plight of the characters involved. We hope you all enjoy it. We’re thinking that this could turn into a regular series of shorts created in Halo.

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If you’re interested, this video was created for a contest over at Ziddio. You can check out the contest by clicking on this link. Be sure to sign up and give us a vote (FYI: 5 stars is the best)! Registration takes, literally, seconds. Every vote helps us win!

There are also several versions available for your viewing pleasure:
640 x 360 Mpeg4
HD Mpeg 4
640 x 360 WMV

Also, since somebody is going to ask- Episode Eight will be out later this week. More details coming soon!

Disappearing Act

Well, I know that some of you are waiting for a trailer. The sad news is that the trailer for Episode Seven isn’t done. However, the good news is that the actual episode is. I thought that would be a good trade off.

So we now present to you dudes, the rad viewers, Episode Seven of The Leet World, “Got Disappeared“. We think this is one of our best yet. Hope you like it.

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Home Improvement

After many trials and tribulations, we finally present to you Episode Six of The Leet World, “Crib Appeal“. We’re very pleased with how it all turned out, and are extremely happy that it’s finally released. Trust me, it’s like the devil himself tried to stop us over the last 48 hours. But we battled.

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Other versions will be added throughout the day. Enjoy!

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If you’re here for Episode Five, scroll down, or check it out on our episodes page.

Been kind of a crazy day, but thanks to you guys, we managed to hit the front page of digg.com! The site ran a little slower earlier today because of that, but we managed to get a high volume of new viewers here, so that was great. We hope that people continue to enjoy the show. It wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea on digg, but that’s what people on the internet do- they crap on each other. Thanks dudes.

Fallout Dudes

And now, we present to you, our awesomely rad viewers, Episode Five of The Leet World, “Fallout”. It’s a dialogue-driven episode, and will hopefully give you guys some nice teases on what’s to come, now that the first challenge has come and gone.

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Get Your Shovels Out…

Because we want you guys to get digg-ing. For this next episode, we want to make a push to show The Leet World to as many people as possible, and the best and easiest way to do that is to get dugg! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, digg.com is a place where people share the latest web news, trends, videos, etc, and it has a wide user base.

So, the episode will be out in the next few days (most likely Wednesday), and we are going to have a place for you to digg it- what we need you guys to do is head on over to digg.com and click here to register. It’s very easy and takes next to no time at all. If we can get a good amount of diggs on the first day, that will seriously show The Leet World to thousands of viewers. And I know for a fact that there are enough of you that come to our site everyday to do it. So basically, we’re counting on you! Head on over and register, and start digging once the episode is released!