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Important Post: On Branding

It would appear that nothing is going on here from just a mere glance, but that is one tall fib. A lot is going on behind the scenes, much more than you know, and all the dust of our construction (specifically, Nick and Jeff’s constructions) should settle, leaving behind something superb in the aftermath.

After taking a long hard look at things, it dawned on us that with all of our new endeavors (GRIEF, Web Zeroes, GamerSushi, etc), we can’t just be known as The Leet World any longer, as is the case for our base of operations (this site) and other things like our YouTube account. But rather, we need everything to be focused around who we are, and that is Smooth Few Films.

What that means is, we’re getting a new website. Several, to be more accurate. By the end of the weekend (fingers crossed), this whole place is going to look different, and smoothfewfilms.com will be a part of the Smooth Few Films network. We are also launching a new SmoothFewFilms YouTube account that will eventually replace the old one, and if you frequent that site feel free to go ahead and subscribe.

Over the weekend, we’ll release some announcement videos there to attempt some grand migration of our subscribers from one account to another, leaving the old one behind as some ragged skeleton full of old videos. It’s not going to be pretty (or easy), but it’s better to do it now than later. The Web Zeroes pilot will hopefully be coming alongside all of that.

So yes, big steps are coming. And once they are done, production hits the ground running on all fronts.

Also, Ty (the voice of Mendoza) has made it into the second round of the AMC Mad Men competition. Feel free to lend your support once again, and show what a great supportive community we can be.

Edit: In addition, Happy Birthday, Ty.

Mendoza in ’08!

Ty, our resident thespian and the voice of Mendoza in The Leet World, has entered a contest for AMC’s hit show “Mad Men”. The winner scores a trip to Los Angeles and gets to appear in an episode of Season 3 of the show. Obviously, this is a pretty cool contest with a sweet prize.

Voting ends in September, but you can go ahead and head over to Ty’s submission and lend your support right now. He is looking rather dapper and gives one heck of a performance.

Click here to support Mendoza!

We are going to be shooting Web Zeroes, our live-action mockumentary, over the weekend. Kind of wild considering we’ve been planning this since around March. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures on Sunday.

Also, it was sweet to see everyone get pumped up about the mysterious Sizlewski case. More on that soon. You are like the most rabid of dogs for anything related to TLW. It is both wonderful and terrifying.