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The Live-Action World


We basically spent all weekend filming Web Zeroes. Our call began at 8:30 am on Saturday and didn’t stop until tonight. I think we got some really solid stuff, but I am just a silly noobito at these things. Much thanks to our friend Chuck who helped us power through all of it. Really couldn’t have gotten it done without him.

A few people have been asking what Web Zeroes is all about. Web Zeroes is a live-action mockumentary (in this case, a comedy show in a documentary style), and it’s coming soon. It’s the story of three ordinary dudes trying to get famous over the Internet. Should be a fun time.

Here are some production photos from the weekend:

Various photos from Saturday, including Chuck holding the HVX200 we used to shoot the episode, Daniel directing me in a scene and Chuck, Nick and I blocking a scene and tweaking the script just before shooting. I take no responsibility for the mammary-ish doodling in the background of the last shot. Well, perhaps some.

And now some raw screenshots, before color correction. The original footage was shot in 720p:

All in all, it was a great weekend. We look forward to updating you guys with more shenanigans in the near future.

Mendoza in ’08!

Ty, our resident thespian and the voice of Mendoza in The Leet World, has entered a contest for AMC’s hit show “Mad Men”. The winner scores a trip to Los Angeles and gets to appear in an episode of Season 3 of the show. Obviously, this is a pretty cool contest with a sweet prize.

Voting ends in September, but you can go ahead and head over to Ty’s submission and lend your support right now. He is looking rather dapper and gives one heck of a performance.

Click here to support Mendoza!

We are going to be shooting Web Zeroes, our live-action mockumentary, over the weekend. Kind of wild considering we’ve been planning this since around March. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures on Sunday.

Also, it was sweet to see everyone get pumped up about the mysterious Sizlewski case. More on that soon. You are like the most rabid of dogs for anything related to TLW. It is both wonderful and terrifying.