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If you’re unaware, there are two super-cool things happening in the machinima world in November.

  • Machinima Filmfest in New York. If you’re interested in presenting your piece for a variety of awards including Best Short, Best Writing, Best Director, etc., you’d better get cracking.
  • Machinima Expo takes place in Montreal the very next week. There, selected works will be displayed to an audience of thousands.

For those machinimakers out there, this is a great chance to get some exposure and if you’re in the area of these events, I’m sure they’d be cool to attend. I hope to attend Machinima Filmfest myself.

In other news, Jace has produced some hot Smooth Few Films shirts for Daniel and I to wear to PAX:

While these aren’t for sale, you can still check out our other shirts that are available. Also, if you haven’t seen Meet the Sandwich yet, do yourself a favor and laugh your head off.