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Return of Daniel-san

karate-kidDaniel arrived back in town this weekend, much to the joy of myself and one bearded compatriot. No, not Miyagi. We’ve got a lot of stuff on our plate right now, some of which you don’t know about, so it’s nice to have the team together yet again.

Episode 13 should be out sometime this weekend, so stay tuned for that one. As I said before, it’s the first part of the series finale, and you’ll probably be mad about where it ends. Just saying. Episode 14 will be out hopefully around mid-August, depending on how things go. I’ve got some vacation time coming up this weekend and we’ve got those other unmentionables looming over us, so there are all kinds of things between now and then that could derail that particular train like a crane kick to the jaw. Let’s hope not, though.

So, now that Season 2 (and the series) is almost over, what’s been your favorite episode of the second season? Go!