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Return of Daniel-san

karate-kidDaniel arrived back in town this weekend, much to the joy of myself and one bearded compatriot. No, not Miyagi. We’ve got a lot of stuff on our plate right now, some of which you don’t know about, so it’s nice to have the team together yet again.

Episode 13 should be out sometime this weekend, so stay tuned for that one. As I said before, it’s the first part of the series finale, and you’ll probably be mad about where it ends. Just saying. Episode 14 will be out hopefully around mid-August, depending on how things go. I’ve got some vacation time coming up this weekend and we’ve got those other unmentionables looming over us, so there are all kinds of things between now and then that could derail that particular train like a crane kick to the jaw. Let’s hope not, though.

So, now that Season 2 (and the series) is almost over, what’s been your favorite episode of the second season? Go!

Metal Gear Leeroy

mgsHere’s Episode 11 of Season 2, Death’s Dungeon, and boy are we getting close to the finish line. Only two more episodes left for the season.

In this chapter, we find out what Leeroy has been up to since he left the house, and finally get some answers regarding the greater mystery surrounding the Producer. Leeroy’s very Solid Snake about it, too. Check it out on the TLW premiere page to see a bigger version, and for the love of all things holy, clear your cache if you’re seeing the old video still.

If that’s not your cup of tea, though, you can just hit up the jump to see the regular version.
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The Subtractions

tlw208We don’t really have deleted scenes in our episodes all that often, but once in a blue moon it happens. There are a few reasons for this. I’m a strong believer that in our show, scenes should do three things:

  • Advance the story
  • Build characters
  • Have lulz

While it’s not possible to accomplish all three things in each and every scene, we hope to have at least two, and if nothing else, just one. When a scene has none of those 3 things, then it usually just gets axed, never to see the light of day. And trust me, that’s for the better.

However, there are other times when we cut scenes simply because YouTube sucks, and only allows us to put up 10 minute videos with our account (certain accounts allow you to do more if you’ve signed up before a certain date, but we were late to the YouTube party). We could split the video in two for them and deliver you guys a longer one, but it becomes such a pain in the ass to do this.

This is where you guys get screwed a little, and that’s mostly due to many of the kind folks over at YouTube being unable to grasp the concept of checking our profile page for the second video. Seriously, I don’t know how some of them even turn on their computers (if you’re here from YouTube, you are not included in this group, since you are clearly of a superior intelligence). Luckily, this has only affected just a couple of episodes throughout the entire series.

Anywho, Episode 8 of Season 2 had a couple of scenes cut for this very reason. One of them was filmed and one wasn’t. Check them out after the jump.
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russiaWe now present Episode 8 of Season 2 of The Leet World, Hide and Sneak. This episode starts to get the ball rolling for the second half of the season, which is about to pick up like a freight train. A freight train made of win.

In this episode, we see the house operating under some new dynamics, and the effects of Leeroy’s departure from several sides. Also, there are lulz. Anywho, check the TLW Premiere page to see a high-res version of the episode. Clear your browser cache if you’re still getting the old video.

See the new ep after the jump!
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The Leet World, 2.8: Hide and Sneak

Downloads: Quicktime, Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

The house has changed since a recent subtraction and addition to one of the teams, and everybody is feeling it. Will Asher get the CT’s to work together again? How will the Terrorists pursue their plan? And why is Player acting so strange?

Game Changers

stormWe now present to you dudes Season 2, Episode 7 of The Leet World, Tempest. As we’ve said for several weeks, this episode is a game changer, in more ways than one.

It also officially marks the halfway point of Season 2, in terms of the story we’re telling. Does that mean the whole season is going to be 14 episodes? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see how it unfolds.

But just like Episode 8 was a big mile marker last season, this episode is serving the same function. And just like last year, we’re taking a few weeks off to get ready for the back half of this epic season. We need it!

Remember, you can watch a higher res version at the TLW premiere page, or just watch it after the jump!
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The Leet World, 2.7: Tempest

Downloads: Quicktime, Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

It’s round 2 of the 2nd challenge, and something sinister is afoot. What surprise does Westheimer have in store for the Terrorists, and what happens when the Producer’s errand disrupts the entire game? One thing’s for sure- nothing will be quite the same.

The Leet World, 2.6: Thunderhead

Downloads: Quicktime, Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

As the second challenge begins, something dark is looming around the contestants of The Leet World. With Westheimer distracted by his mission from the Producer, will the Terrorists pull off the victory and become the champions of the second season? And just where exactly do Leeroy’s loyalties lie?

The Leet World, 2.5: Return to Sender

Downloads: Quicktime, Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

Now that new alliances are forming and secrets are being shared, it’s time for things to get mixed up in the house yet again. With the arrival of new guests, The Leet World contestants must be ready for anything before the next challenge arrives- or face dire consequences.

More Season 2 Outtakes

micSince Daniel was out of town this weekend, Nick and I did some general house cleaning in terms of production, so that was good. It’s really nice to be ahead this season, and you’ll probably hear me say that over and over again for the next couple of months.

If there was anyway to let you understand the amount of pure getting kicked in the nuts factor that last season’s workload caused for us, I would demonstrate it for you, believe me. But alas, these cursed Intertubes don’t permit that kind of data transfer.

As promised, here are the outtakes from Episodes 3 and 4 of the new TLW season. You know the drill. Us goofing around, messing up, trying to make each other laugh while recording audio, etc. Also, Daniel almost dies.


Enjoy! Right click and “save as” to download. And check out my Halo Wars impressions if you’re interested.