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The Hero Shots

Just thought I’d drop in with a few house-cleaning items. Work on Web Zeroes is progressing rather smoothly. Kind of weird seeing our faces on screen instead of silly dudes bobbing their heads and using radio commands.

We recorded some rather interesting things over the weekend that I think you all will enjoy, whenever it is that they come to fruition. And no, none of it is the commentary for Episode 3, unfortunately. We’re going to have to wait on that for awhile until Daniel is back in town, as he’s currently in the middle of a 6 week editing gig in Dallas. Yes, he’s left us again. But our traveling editing minstrel will be back someday soon.

In addition, production on G.R.I.E.F. is about to go into full effect. It’s a Halo 3 action/comedy series (emphasis on the action), and we’re pretty pumped about moving forward on it. Hopefully you guys will be seeing a trailer for that at some point in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy these photos:


Well, not entirely.  Unfortunately, we ran into some snags when trying to finish out the remainder of episode two, so don’t expect it until tomorrow (Wednesday).  The funny thing about editing something like this is that the last 5 percent of it (tweaking audio levels, making the cuts tighter, throwing in transitions and music between scenes, chopping up dialogue, etc) takes just as long to finish or longer than the first 95 percent.  Believe me, no one’s more bummed about the delay than we are, but the episode should be all the better for it.

Also, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that the site will be more content-heavy between the release of episodes two and three.  There will definitely be some fun stuff for you guys to check out (maybe even a video) while you guys wait.