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Blocked and Bustered

relaxJust wanted to write a quick update so you guys know that we’re alive and kicking. Due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we pretty much have been (mostly) on break for a few days, which was needed. The next month or so is going to murder us production-wise, so it was good to chill, play video games, and whatever else it is that three geeks do in their free time.

However, some work is still progressing in order to ensure that Episode 10 makes its debut next week. I spent Sunday cursing JJ (who wrote eps 8-10) for putting in the longest scene that required faceposer in the history of our simple machinima. Daniel spent some time working on some cool visual elements last week, and Nick is hard at work on the edit. In addition, we recorded some audio for Episode 11, which begins filming this weekend.

In other news, the summer movie season is just getting underway. So far, Star Trek serves as a proper example of how to reboot a franchise, while Terminator: Salvation is just the opposite. What summer movie are you guys looking forward to the most? At this point, my money’s all on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.