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The Leet World, Season One: Original Soundtrack

Well, it’s finally here. The Leet World, Season One: Original Soundtrack is available for download over at the Smooth Few Films store, along with our T-Shirts that went up for sale during the summer. Jace did an amazing job putting this whole thing together, and it really deserves to be listened to, and is for real worth the price. In fact, it’s a steal.

If you want to help support what we do here at Smooth Few Films, this is the way to do so. While we enjoy making The Leet World and Web Zeroes and providing those things for free on the Web, it does cost us money out of our own pocket to keep things going. Buying an album is the perfect way to help us ensure that we can keep doing this stuff, because like I said, we enjoy it and we love giving it to you.

So if you want, feel free to chip in and purchase even a song or two (though we’d prefer you buy more than one song since PayPal takes so much per transaction). Every little bit helps, and goes towards things that make this process even better. Remember, if you don’t have a credit card, a pre-paid card is easy to get and is always an option, too.

To purchase the soundtrack, just add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout. Once you’re done, you’ll get an e-mail with download instructions and a link.

Thanks to all of you who continually support us, be it through purchases, kind words, telling your friends, or just watching and enjoying.