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The Leet World Season 3 Trailer: Into the Storm

We’ve been talking about it for awhile, and here it is. The first official trailer for The Leet World Season 3.

We’re excited about this one for a number of reasons. One, it’s giving you a glimpse of some actual footage from the show so you can see what the transition to SFM is going to look like. Two, Jace’s kickass rendition of the TLW theme (which is totally available at Bandcamp, along with the TLW season 1 soundtrack). And three, it’s amazing to see all of the old gang together again.

Thanks for sticking with us, and you’ll be seeing a lot more now that we’ve shown off some footage.

Stay smooth.

EDIT: It seems like a kind stranger put this up on Reddit. Please upvote if you can!

If TLW Was a Video Game…

Howdy, gents and ladies.

Wanted to say a big thank you to all the supportive comments we received on that last post. There will probably be some changes coming to the site over the next few months, so stay tuned for that.

I mainly wanted to post a bit of music that Jace did. Basically, it’s the TLW theme in 8 bit. I kind of love it. I’m sure you will, too.

Right click and save as to download. Happy listening.

On Domination

Happy November, guys and gals.

Just wanted to stop in say it was great to see everyone’s comments on The Last Word. As I said before, I think Daniel did a spectacular job on it, and it shows. It’s a touching short, and something I’m particularly fond of.

Anyway, I promise there will be a couple of regular posts here in the next couple of weeks, including a range of topics that we still get asked a lot of questions about. I’ve been terribly busy with some other things going on personally, and that looks to clear up in the next week or two. But for now, enjoy another free track from the TLW soundtrack.

This one is the Domination Man’s theme from Episode 8 of TLW. You know, the one that plays during the entire cheesy GMod log fiasco and the zany antics surrounding that. I’m a big fan of what Jace did when he built this out for the soundtrack. I think you will be, too.

One of the things people keep asking about is if there’s a way to still buy the soundtrack. Right now, the answer to that is no. Basically, sales had diminished over the last few months to where it was more expensive to keep the store going than it was to just take it down. If you hang around, we’ll just be releasing it every week for free from here on out.

In other news, who out there has played Black Ops? Thoughts? We reviewed it up on GamerSushi and I’ve been dying to play it.

Fantastic Fest Plus Rocking with the Producer

ProducerHowdy and hello.

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes you gave us. It’s great that so many of you are still around from the earliest days. Also fairly flattering. A special thank you to all the lurkers that came out of hiding to utter a few words of gratitude. Another weird anniversary is coming right on the heels of that one: next week marks a year since TLW ended.

In terms of news, the main thing I have to offer is for those of you who live in Texas. Next weekend, a cool thing called Fantastic Fest will be going down in Austin. It’s a huge genre film festival, and from what I hear, it’s pretty rad. Anyway, Rooster Teeth organized themselves a machinima panel, and they invited one of us to sit in on it. Since Daniel won the fist fight (it’s the gangly arms), he gets to be on the panel with some other machinima dudes.

If you are anywhere nearby, the Best of Machinima screening will happen on Saturday, September 25 at 4 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. They’ll be showing Day in the Life of a Turret. Stop by and troll Daniel.

Also, because I’m nice, here’s a free download of the Producer theme from the TLW soundtrack. Figured since the anniversary of his death is coming up and all, it only made sense. This is probably my favorite track on the whole thing. Enjoy!

Right click and save as to download.

In other news, did anyone get Halo: Reach? I’m loving it. Also, check out the new GamerSushi. Loving that, too.

Easy Listening

I apologize for the lack of updates. As you guys know, we’re on kind of a break for a bit, enjoying some good books, movies, video games and the like. You know, normal life stuff. But as I said before, the creative fires won’t be quelled for too long, and hopefully we can give you something on that front in a bit. You’ll be the first to know. Or something like that.

Anyway, last post I promised some cool content, and I’m here to deliver. You may have noticed that we decided to take down the TLW Store a bit back, or maybe you didn’t because you loathe stores of all kind. Either way, the TLW Soundtrack was being sold there for about two years running. Since so much time has passed, we thought we would be nice and give out a few of its tracks for free, starting with the TLW Theme Jam that you’ve heard on a couple of videos here and there. It’s basically the normal Leet World theme, but with some extra sauce from Jace. Anyway, it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album, so I hope you enjoy it.

Right click and save as to download. More coming soon.

In other news, who’s seen Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World? I’m hearing fantastic things about it, and I can’t wait to see it.

The Question of Rock

electric-guitarEpisode 7 is nearing the final stages. We feel like we have scaled some kind of beastly machinima mountain. No, this doesn’t mean the episode is coming any minute now, because there’s quite a bit that has to get done to it before it’s ready for your calloused videogamer paws, but it’s close, and I’m excited.

One of the coolest parts of doing The Leet World is getting to hear the awesome stuff that Mr. Jace Ford, aka Damn Dangerous, pumps out for us every new episode. To watch the process go from a script to a final cut with his music put into it for the first time really is something special. The dude works hard to score each episode, and usually only does so in about a week’s time.

Anywho, over the course of the show we’ve seen tons of great comments regarding the music, so I wanted to know- which episode of The Leet World has your favorite music? I couldn’t quite put that in a poll since there would be way too many options, so feel free to respond in the comments.

The Voltron Effect

Yesterday, Smooth Few Films (Jace, Jeff, Nick, Daniel and myself) got together as a whole for the first time since The Leet World started. In fact, Jace and Jeff had never even met one another until then. We gorged out on mexican food and acted fat together, and it was an explosion of awesome. Much like Voltron.

In other news, I wanted to remind everyone that The Leet World Season One Soundtrack is still available for purchase, and is still ridiculously badass. Definitely a good way to spend some of that Christmas money. Pre-paid credit cards ftw.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about the Streamys, awards for live-action web shows. If you would like to, we would dig it if you guys nominated Web Zeroes for any category that you think it fits. This will definitely help us get the word out about our show. Click here to nominate for the Streamys!

EDIT: Thanks to you guys who have voted! Remember, if you do cast a vote, cast it for Web Zeroes!

The Leet World, Season One: Original Soundtrack

Well, it’s finally here. The Leet World, Season One: Original Soundtrack is available for download over at the Smooth Few Films store, along with our T-Shirts that went up for sale during the summer. Jace did an amazing job putting this whole thing together, and it really deserves to be listened to, and is for real worth the price. In fact, it’s a steal.

If you want to help support what we do here at Smooth Few Films, this is the way to do so. While we enjoy making The Leet World and Web Zeroes and providing those things for free on the Web, it does cost us money out of our own pocket to keep things going. Buying an album is the perfect way to help us ensure that we can keep doing this stuff, because like I said, we enjoy it and we love giving it to you.

So if you want, feel free to chip in and purchase even a song or two (though we’d prefer you buy more than one song since PayPal takes so much per transaction). Every little bit helps, and goes towards things that make this process even better. Remember, if you don’t have a credit card, a pre-paid card is easy to get and is always an option, too.

To purchase the soundtrack, just add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout. Once you’re done, you’ll get an e-mail with download instructions and a link.

Thanks to all of you who continually support us, be it through purchases, kind words, telling your friends, or just watching and enjoying.

The Leet World Idol

We’ve got a winner to the Themetacular Contest, and his name is DJ Shox. Wow. I didn’t expect such a turn-around, but apparently, Shox has been hitting the campaign trail. Like. A. Madman. His rendition of the theme song will now land a coveted spot in the Season Finale intro sequence.

Congrats, dude, you earned it. To hear more of DJ Shox’s compositions, feel free to listen at your heart’s content.

To everyone else who entered, much thanks for participating, we really loved hearing all that you guys put out there for us to enjoy. It was such a great thing to see this community jumping into something like this. Not everyone’s favorite won, but hey, that’s why we vote.

Me thinks we need more contests in the future. If you somehow missed all of the excitement, you can go listen to the finalists. But for now, here’s your Miss America:


Well, you asked for it enough and now you have it: the music from the Episode 11 trailer. Those with keen ears may have recognized that the music first appeared in Episode 4, during the bulk of Round 2’s epic face-off. The song is aptly titled “Ambush at Bombsite B”.

There is a reason we don’t always release what you guys ask (and in some cases, beg) for. And not just because we’re jerks. Part of the issue is that these “songs” that are recorded by Jace (aka DamnDangerous) are really just snippets or pieces of music that are scored to the particular scene in which they appear in the episode. That means they’re only about 20 seconds long in some cases or two minutes long in others, depending on the scene.

For instance, we get a lot of requests for the Producer’s “theme”- but in reality, it is only 15 seconds long or so, and we take issue with releasing boring or lackluster content. However, something cool is in the works as far as the music of The Leet World goes that I think you all will heart very much. Stay tuned.

Ambush at Bombsite-B