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Chet: Living Extra Hard

I can’t write this update and not talk about Grand Theft Auto IV, which so far is turning out to be nearly as good as all the reviews have depicted it. I’ve got to say I’m surprised that none of the coverage I’ve read has mentioned the slightly clunky controls. While they don’t detract from the overall greatness of the game, they do deserve to be noted.

Needless to say, I attended the midnight launch the other night with Daniel and Kerry. There’s something magical about standing in line with other nerds. It reminded me of every other midnight gaming event I’ve stumbled through, and while I briefly felt shame, I know that I’d wait in line again for that PS2, Wii, etc.

On the subject of midnight launches, our Halo short arrives later this week. You’ll understand that transition once you’ve seen it.

As promised, a new challenger enters the ring with his bio this week. Switching back to the Counter-Terrorists, we’ll be taking a look at the life of Chet.

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