52 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds

  1. Kilverdo

    Yeah Baby!!!, kinda regret having watched it allready… now I gotta wait ’till episode 3 airs… :'(. HURRY GUYS I GOTTA FEED MY ADDICTION 😉

    btw, can u add the audition video from JJ’s blog? It owns !

    Greetz, Dedicated FAN!

  2. Tripsy

    what happend to the domination guy he was so funny!? plus nice series been watching since the preview!

  3. Tripsy

    no the domination guy couldn’t talk except for mumbles and was in a half life 2 skin and he said he drank the blood of his enemy

  4. ally

    I thought this would be the gayest thing ever but after whatchign both eps. i want the next one bad 🙂


  5. Harpoon

    who cleans the horse stables first? ..you do..
    damnit who cleans them second?? …you again
    son of beech

  6. Sam

    Dude I tell you,Westheimer shoot2 shots in the river,and heis talking to Leeroy.Then,Westheimer used something dangerous to injure Chet.Drocediyard!Drocediyard!Drocediyard!Then,something happen to Chet’s tv.A guy producerturns out yo be saying “the testing,the entertainment,the drama”.And then chorz was done.You know,cortez is a Blind ASS!A same thing happened again,Leeroy use his MP5 shoot at the river too.Dude,then the terrorists take a action advantage at each other.BITCH GOT SERVED!

  7. Taz

    Bitch got served!!!!LOL!!!! That is the best line ever!!!!!!!!!!Player ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. error17

    if it wasnt for some1 uploading the portal short @ gametrailers, would never have found this place, its awsome!

  9. Timerider

    [quote comment=”2557″]if it wasnt for some1 uploading the portal short @ gametrailers, would never have found this place, its awsome![/quote]

    Same here.

  10. ukyo

    funniest CS vid ive ever watched! …..9 more vids to go!!!!!!!!!1

    lol@ player..he is teh shit!!!!!!!1

  11. GodFodder

    I know it’s been said, but I have to say it again

    “Teams, dude! Teams!”
    (in unison) “Teams are fine.”

    Fuckin’ hilarious! Great work on these.

  12. maddmaxxman

    pardon me, i dont want to inturpt but how did u know what player just said to you?

  13. CJ

    1 problem, i have been watching leet world for a long time now, and now have the guts to say this, uh, it isnt your first or second cousins that want to have *** with ya, it is your 3, witch in Arkansas is legal.

  14. Master Sephiroth

    everyone hear that sound…bitch got served!! thats right even Montrose is ethier gay or hetrosexual he’s still a good guy =)

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