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TLW Shirts in the Wild

Almost as rare as the Duke Nukem Forever-a-saurus, but not quite, The Leet World t-shirts are beginning to roam around in the wilderness, spreading their good cheer.

Someone recently sent in these photos to prove it:

Thanks dude!

Also, if you’ve missed our commentaries over the last couple of days, check them out:

Episode One: Reality Bites
Episode Two: Dirty Deeds


If you’re here for Episode Two, scroll down, or go to the episodes page. So far, we’ve been hearing great things about this one- as I said before, we’re overall much happier with how it came out compared to Episode One. We’ve already started on the next installment, which should be a tad easier to film. The second episode just hit machinima.com, spikedhumor.com, and youtube, so be sure to vote for us if you feel like it. And keep spreading the word about the show.

Nick put this nifty little poster together for “Dirty Deeds”, so I thought I’d post it here, even though I already stuck it up on the forums… Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

“Dirty Deeds” Poster

Stay tuned to our site, because early next week we should be putting out a small preview of Episode Three. More than just a screenshot this time.

Going to be playing some Bioshock this weekend. Very excited. Episode Two’s release kept me from opening it- but nothing will stand in my way this time!

Dirty Style

Episode Two: Dirty Deeds is now available for your viewing pleasure. All formats are up on the episodes page, though you can watch the flash version below. There are a lot of things that we love about this episode that we feel improve on the first episode, and we hope you guys feel the same way. The data rates are a little higher than the last time around, so the downloads might take a little longer.

Keep telling others about The Leet World!

Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Well, we’ve gone for a weekend without updating, but we figured it would be worth it to tell you that we’ve been hard at work on Episode Two.  So hard, in fact, that it should (barring no catastrophes) be released tomorrow!  Check back here bright and early, and Episode Two: Dirty Deeds should be waiting for your happy perusal.  Happy waiting.

On the Set

A brief update on Episode Two: Dirty Deeds…

Last night, we filmed probably our most complicated scene we’ve filmed yet, which requires all 8 characters. The scene’s not super complicated per se, it’s just that there aren’t 8 of us. Lots of manipulation of bots, patience, and bottling up of curses is needed, but we got it done. Also, for some reason, Nick’s “camera” computer decided it didn’t like component signals, so that set us back for awhile. But now, all is ok. So far, the episode is coming along quite well, and we’ll know this weekend exactly when it’s going to be ready.

You should know, though, that we plan to release it at some point next week.

Also, you can now find us on www.machinima.com, under the “Half Life” section. Go vote for us if you like.

Gone Fishin’

No, not us. These here guys. Here’s a little screenshot from Episode Two: Dirty Deeds. As of now, things are actually slightly ahead of schedule, and we are working on it quite diligently, though we did give ourselves a small break after the completion of Episode One.

We’ll let you know more about when you should expect it when we’re closer to completion.

Just click on the pic to see it nice and pretty sized.

Leeroy and Westheimer

Who they is?