The Leet World, 1.5: Fallout

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The Leet World is a reality show set in Counter-Strike: Source that places CT’s and T’s against one another in order to determine who is the best! Now that the first challenge has come and gone, each of the teams is getting to go on vacation to beautiful Italy! Unfortunately, it turns out that each of the team leaders has plans of their own for their respective teams- how will the contestants respond to being denied their leisure time?

103 thoughts on “Fallout

  1. Coleman

    tj, you mean CT 5 – T 3 🙂

    That was totally unexpected, great job concidering you didn’t have much time to make this Episode! I WANT Episode 6 🙁

  2. huntrKillr

    Great job on this episode guys. Really enjoying the series and this episode was really funny. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Mr Saito

    It wouldve been funnier if someone went like “WTF…. Captain Ass Pirate!? Awww I think I see CAP… I don’t give a f*ck… he can’t grab my ass”

  4. jamjam

    I love this, it’s really awesome :D, but I wish the episodes would come sooner lol, and your voice overs are amzing idk what that guy is talking bout

  5. Tripsy

    -Tripsy aka (sometimes on css) MR.DOMINATION
    but most of the time tripsy sometimes i brake out the para and change name for fun lol later and keep em coming on behalf of treasure i-lan

  6. Capum15

    If you don’t like it, say “I don’t like it.” leave, and shut up.
    I think this is a great show, awesome voices, and really funny parts.

    Great episode, I love Chet and ‘Trose, and Chet again at the end.

    I’m glad I found this show, best thing since RvB imo.

  7. Dr. McSquiggy

    Funny Stuff!! As a Die Hard fan of CS:S I would weep with joy if you guys made many many more, not what i would call original seeing as how RVB has been around for a while but its still something new, i hate The Real World but The Leet World is FTW!

  8. cdf50

    u guys are doing great and trust me these voice overs are not bad the noobitos voice is pefect cause is highpitched and annoying fitting the newb. and who cant love the gay guy. players voice is sick btw. chets voice is a little too exagerrated but its good too. the old ct dudes voice fits him well too.. and cortez’s voice is the best. but i dont like the other guys voice. should made him have the gay guy voice and given the gay guy an indian voice.

  9. Smoover

    Great work guys! Wonder how they will get the teams even. Autobalance kickin’ in? ^^ Please keep up creating the series, funniest thing ever! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  11. Chamberlain

    Way to go Leetworld, leave us wanting more. Yet your choice on F.O.B. did weaken the run. Hope you can work around it!

  12. Guess who.

    HAH> I can’t wait to see how this ends. I never would’ve guessed that Ahmad would’ve joined the CT’s.

  13. JJ

    [quote comment=”706″]Yet your choice on F.O.B. did weaken the run. Hope you can work around it![/quote]

    Yeah, sorry, this is baffling. Please decipher thyself!

  14. InTelligEnEt

    honestly that episod was missing something called the surrounding sound , am not trying to create something but if we looked in the past episods there was cewl music beside the screen , but am sure soon it will be more cewl than it is now 😛 hope the next ep come soon

  15. Nightwolf

    This is an awesome show. I luv what you guys are doing. Also, There is a guy in my clan that acts almost exactly like CHET!!! We love messing with him about it. Keep up the great work guys your like awesome bra.

  16. Drjoi (a.ka. Bruce Lee)

    lolz “I want you to meet the new member of our team.”
    everyone: “WHAT!?” Chet: “WTF!?!?” w00t spread the leet world bros

  17. chirso

    hey mate im from austraila i just wanted to say wat a great job u guys have done everyone talks about it pretty kool……ep 1 to 4 were really good but 5 was more of a back up i dont wanna tell u guys ow to do a day job but yer keep up the great work

  18. Harry

    Hey nice work.
    “Player’s ass 1-10 go go now!”
    “10 all the way”

    Oh how I chuckled

  19. robert

    wtf! im not saying about the episode but about ahmad. how is he gonna look in the ct team?
    the same?

  20. Blahglorz

    ZOMG!! Chet pwns all!!

    Didn’t expect that… i still dunno wtf is up with that Combine dude Cortez keeps hearing…

  21. Sam

    Dude i tell you,this part was okay but i kind of think that Ahmad was an idiot you know.You know,flashing or killing Cortez.Its not like this could happen all day you know

  22. Mr CS

    I’m not racist or anything but EVERY character seems like a redneck hillbilly. Even Cortez… It’s still funny though. Hope you’ll add a few different characters later. Sorry if I sound like a flamer.

    Also I was wondering… Do you guys use Garry’s Mod for this? Or just regular CS:S?

    Keep up the good work.

  23. JJ

    [quote comment=”1205″]I’m not racist or anything but EVERY character seems like a redneck hillbilly. Even Cortez… It’s still funny though. Hope you’ll add a few different characters later. Sorry if I sound like a flamer.[/quote]

    haha you have a kind of all-encompassing definition of redneck hillbilly, then…

  24. Rebound

    Hahahaha, that little ‘whaaat the fuuuck’ by Chet at the end was classic, great set of films guys.

  25. zacko36

    i think player and chet and montrose are the best
    need a new one soon guys!

  26. Spacewolf

    I think it would be funny if when Westheimer said his mom was a slut, Chet pokes his head in and says something like “what about sluts?”

  27. Miles

    *drunk* leeet worrrrrrrllllllllllddddddd yaaaaaaaaaaaa lolololol thats so funny!!!!!!! 😀 hes just drunk ROFL ITS SO FUNNY!!!!!! lol

  28. Sharky

    Quite comical.
    Nice use of various scenes.

  29. Nick

    This is my favorite episode so far.

    I love at the end when Westheimer tells them Ahmad is joining the CTs and in the background Chet yells, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

  30. egaMi

    Dont know if its kind of mistake:
    As i get it, the radio commands are only for use in challenges and not real life?
    So when they are on their vacation in real life, Player uses hes radio commands?

    -[Az0m3 AnYw4y]-

  31. Shut up!

    [quote comment=”664″]So…. a wanna be red vs blue?[/quote]
    Ok seriously, does everytime someone make a machinima other than damn red vs blue, why are they always assumed of “copying” red vs blue?

    I know Red vs Blue was the first Machinima you saw, but that doesn’t mean it’s the damn first.

  32. Miles

    Quiet fool your whining is unwelcome here lol. Its gonna rule BRAA! Were going surck up some sun, throw back some suds Maybe find some sluts to party with! lol 😀 1337 w0r1d YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thats not how the chetster rolls BRAA!!!! lol

  33. xswiftyx

    hahah I love this episode, Meet the newest member Amhad, WHAAAAT THE FUCK *in the distance* hahaa chet that hammered guy!, If you guys totally made merchandise I would buy alot :O

  34. Justin

    lol like swifty said that part is my favorite ever. Quick T’s rate players ass from one to ten! wait is this for real or hypothetical? For Real Bro go! 8.796 ROFL….

  35. Da Huuuuuudge

    LOL loved this! BTW, I noticed that Chet’s last “WTF????!” was uncensored. Was that intentional, or just left like that out of comic genius? Awesome!

  36. pwn&boan

    “I want everyone to meet the newest member of our team, Ahmad.”

    “What the fuck?

  37. The Amazing Chris

    … Isn’t Cortez blind? How would a flashbang affect him in the first place?

  38. Holly


    and leet world > red vs. blue x 30947304975093745

  39. ANdrei

    This is like the best Show EVA…. i Watched whit my friends …20 times ..its to fck great …everytime i watch its more and more damn funny, + i love this episode at the end …a guy screams in the background “wut tha fuck” .haha. Cet & Player best ever.

  40. Spartan

    OMG CHET Drunk?…L:O I LOVE CHET WHEN HE IS DRUNK.. ! ,Cortez . Player . Chet . Ellis <3333333 They Ar The BEst ! xD

  41. luciusmix12

    OMG! this like the 30th time I’m watching this!!! This Is so cool!!! still waitin’ for the second season!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    lol preeetty funny. Best at the end… “I’d like to welcome a new member to the team, Ahmad.” ” whahuhwathwt?” “WHAT THE FUUUUUCK?!?!” classical…

  43. Master Sephiroth

    Chet never knew his father thats kinda sad, but his reaction to Ahmad’s joing of the Ct’s is awesome =D

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