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Well, Daniel and Nick are heading off to California today, leaving me all to my lonesome. To be honest, a small break from all The Leet World fracas will be welcome. No more of Daniel and Nick being smelly and fat in my apartment. While they’re gone, I thought I’d give you guys something to chew on. Here’s two deleted scenes from Episode Five. You might watch these and wonder “why did they cut these?”, but in reality, when it was all laid out together, the episode was just way, way too long. It’s in a completely unfinished state, as you might notice by the mono audio, green screens, and lack of color correcting.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

But I’m sure the Terrorists will get by. I know you’re all probably curious about the way Episode Five ended, and we’re all glad to hear it. Ahmad’s stunt was I’m sure totally unexpected, and that’s just the way we like it.

Episode Six is already being filmed, though you’ll be sad to hear that some slight delays are in the forecast. The reason? Daniel and Nick are heading out to California to visit our music maestro, Damn Dangerous (or Jace, as he’s known on his home planet). What will Eddy do for the six days they are gone? Write Episode Seven, of course. But I’ll also be releasing some fun (depending on your point of view) content for you guys.

There was about a minute and a half or so deleted from Episode Five that I’m sure you guys will be interested to see, though it’s not super interesting per se, which is why it was cut in the first place. Also, there might be a little surprise for you guys while they are gone, too.

All that to say that Episode Six might have short delays (nothing crazy like Episode Four) just because of the nature of the next few weeks. October is hell month for me at work, plus Nick and Daniel traveling= The Leet World doesn’t get all that fun attention. But like I said, no worries, there will be lots of content for everyone, and once Nick and Daniel return, we’ll be back on our normal schedule again.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Episode Six:

Always Causing a Fuss WHERE U GOIN? After the Break-Up


If you’re here for Episode Five, scroll down, or check it out on our episodes page.

Been kind of a crazy day, but thanks to you guys, we managed to hit the front page of digg.com! The site ran a little slower earlier today because of that, but we managed to get a high volume of new viewers here, so that was great. We hope that people continue to enjoy the show. It wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea on digg, but that’s what people on the internet do- they crap on each other. Thanks dudes.

Fallout Dudes

And now, we present to you, our awesomely rad viewers, Episode Five of The Leet World, “Fallout”. It’s a dialogue-driven episode, and will hopefully give you guys some nice teases on what’s to come, now that the first challenge has come and gone.

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Get Your Shovels Out…

Because we want you guys to get digg-ing. For this next episode, we want to make a push to show The Leet World to as many people as possible, and the best and easiest way to do that is to get dugg! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, digg.com is a place where people share the latest web news, trends, videos, etc, and it has a wide user base.

So, the episode will be out in the next few days (most likely Wednesday), and we are going to have a place for you to digg it- what we need you guys to do is head on over to digg.com and click here to register. It’s very easy and takes next to no time at all. If we can get a good amount of diggs on the first day, that will seriously show The Leet World to thousands of viewers. And I know for a fact that there are enough of you that come to our site everyday to do it. So basically, we’re counting on you! Head on over and register, and start digging once the episode is released!

Such a Tease

Sounds like something Montrose would say, no? As is becoming a custom around here, we are now delivering to you all the teaser for Episode Five of The Leet World. As you may have guessed, some traveling looks to be going on in this next episode, and we think you’ll enjoy the results. It’ll be released next week! There are a few audio glitches here and there, but don’t worry, they’ll be fixed by release.

Watch at your heart’s content.

Episode Cinco Pictarz

Well, filming on Episode Five finally commenced over the weekend, and after a few audio/video snags, we were able to get the train that is The Leet World moving again. What’s funny about doing Episode Five is that after how complex the last episode was, this one feels like a breeze. It was also strange looking at the script as we were about to do the audio, because it was filled with just so much dialogue. That’s pretty different from the script of “Dust 2 Dust”, which pretty much had just a few lines of dialogue constantly being interrupted with “they fight”.

So for those of you who enjoyed “Dust 2 Dust”, but really are hoping that the departure isn’t permanent, don’t worry- the challenge episodes are just there to mix things up a little bit at different points in the show’s life, as well as helping to resolve little plot arcs. Think of them as PPV events in the WWE. Sounds silly, but it’s a fairly decent analogy for the situation.

Here are some screenies for Episode Five. You might find a couple of the locales intriguing… Hope you enjoy. Please donate.

An Announcement… Taking in the Sights Old Memories