53 thoughts on “Fight Nubs

  1. Translusive

    Wow, sounds to me like Leeroy is liking the Ts a lot better that the CTs right now… Plot-twist~~~ …. plox?

  2. simplypie


    love the show and hate it at the same time love bcuz so good hate bcuz i dont like waiting for next

  3. Pandangerous

    Player sure dooes love his fites and jubblies but you have to admit that Leroy gone bad but in a good way becuase i think he will become a bigger character over the next few episodes and not in the way of his hieght.
    McLovin the lols guys KTHNXBYE.

  4. Niknaktom

    U bastards *sniffs* you stop at the most intense part *begins to cry* Damn you Damn you to hell *falls to floor crying*

    Next eps fast dudes i mean like 2morrow plox? A little bird told me that if I were to sacrifice a human at the top of a volcano, the gods would be amused and deliver the next ep to me right now.

    is this true?

  5. KortoloB

    One of the best episodes so far, can’t wait for the next one πŸ˜€ It’s going to be epic!

  6. jackstaa

    this is the best stuf ive ever seen all fits in emencly
    ALL PLANNED out superp this is colpetly brilliant

    thers no leage leet world goes in its to cool!

  7. Its_SaRg3

    Wow that was the best of the series yet. i cant belive the producer would kick leeroy. Fite Fite fite lol. Keep up the good work.

  8. Xiphas

    MOAR CLIFFHANGAR!?!?!!? Still, it was a bit choppy, everything didn’t seem to flow as well, except for the fight scene and after. It didn’t have that same….feel. Should have opened claiming that after the challenge, things weren’t the same.

    Other than that though, I liked it.

    Constructive criticism is good criticism, right?

  9. Dreamerakarapstarr

    o man… this shit was funny!!! lovin the way leeroy is bing made into a badass….haha and the build up to the fight was funny as hell…”what u some sort of bra-fit,maybe they’ll put that in your bro-bituary..” LMAO!!!!11
    o man keep it up!

  10. Mr. Web

    Leeroy is my man now. He did the right thing. Chet sucks and Player always funny.


  11. evildude

    awsome episode

    love the fight between chet and leeroy

    i cant wait to see a tlw episode if the night mod part works

  12. netto

    How u do a computer preknet ??? wtf btw Jizz in my pants,,, a saw a man calling to a x box compony, and thouht he could make a x box preknet, because he Jizzed on it xD…

  13. luciusmix12

    wtf? that’s weird… I’m sorry to say this guys but I have seen better episodes of TLW… you should focus more on the comedy…

  14. Midg3y

    Guess it should be sitcoms then =\

    Somethings are just more important to a successful machinima than comedy like storyline, drama etc.

    Red vs Blue: Reconstruction is a great example.

  15. sonic55514

    ya really if you loook at this and want all comady then imagen this


    i mean it would be all gay jokes and cortez callig himself a badass all the time on the t side

  16. Craig Commando 21

    LEEROY AS A TERRORIST how exciting…hey eddy i sent you a friend request on xbox live if thats ok =)

  17. Freelancer

    I’m thinking that Leeroy is gonna join Ts and Ahmed might join the CTs. Anyways that episode was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. PlaystationFreak

    OMG! I love this show! Leet World FTW!

    How long until the next episode??? I’m DYING to see it!

  19. Chappy

    Omfg you guys are awesome. I tell everyone that I play with about these videos when I am in our server! GO GUYS! Join the American Warlords crackhouse server its the shit man!

  20. Anonymous

    lol at “you cannot always feel like a badass, it’s just not possible…” “que?” HAHA luaghed my head off. FITE FITE FITE rofl xD! Ninja’s…where? And what’s goin to happen, leeroy goin to get kicked off, cortez going to tell him? OMG!

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