84 thoughts on “Got Disappeared

  1. Eddy

    [quote comment=”1092″]sorry, didnt add: it is on all download versions. dont know why only stream version works fine[/quote]

    We’ll be looking into it, as some seem to have this problem and others don’t. All I can say is make sure your Quicktime is completely updated, and hopefully we can get this fixed this evening.

  2. D@rkD3@m0n

    Nice.. very nice.. i saw all the 7 episodes. when do you release the 8th episode??? please tell meee…

  3. Daniel

    [quote comment=”1112″]I liked it up until that part with Cortez and Ahmad, it got weird after that. Really weird.[/quote]

    that was sort of the point.

  4. kyleirl

    That was pretty funny

    Ellis: “Thats some pretty ****** up sh!t.

    Who plays ellis again, i love your your voice :p

  5. fps_bam

    haha nice =D

    nothin is wrong. load ur weps n returd 2 teh house. evrythins fine. we’re all fine here.


  6. InTelliGenCe

    honestly that was cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool the way they did it damn guys i cant cant to the next episod u guy own that was soo smart hope always see cewl episods like those keep the good work 😀 thanks

  7. Player Lover

    DudE I <3 PlaYer he R AwsOme. He reminds Me of Me wHen i WaS NuB. Lololololololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!1 watched all the Eps in 1 sitting and… well just say i nEEd the NexT 1s sooo. Hury up DUdE!!!!1

  8. Player Lover

    Y not Add haTs thAT say ThiNGs PlaYer Says. like
    1) I R the NUB!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    2) Afermitive (with the grine explamtion point)
    3) Negative (with the grine explamtion point)
    4) lolololololo
    I <3 PlaYer cause i R the NuB

  9. Mr Saito

    Nice Predator parody… lol, So the Combine dude’s a Predator? Who’s gonna be the Alien dude? Player?

  10. JohntehReaper

    This is seriously one the funniest show i have ever seen on the net, and player is the man hands down. So many great parts in the episode like ….*SHOT*…..aw godfuckindamn it player!!! haha classic you guys rule, keep up the good work this blows Red Vs. Blue away

  11. Evo

    Awesome, these just get better and better! There’s so much you could do with it aswell.. and the voice acting is amazing, Chet ftw

  12. Zeek

    This show RoXzOrZ MaH BoXoRs lol RoFlE wAfFlE …
    I live this show b cuz it has Player and Chet..they rock!!
    Ceep up the good work!!!

  13. miloram

    I’ve gotta say, after seeing all of the first 7 episodes, you guys are awesome. I love the humor, love the camerawork, and love the premise. Well Done!

  14. fischeR

    I can’t understand why everyone loves Player, he’s an retard… I hate him.

    Chet got the best lines in TLW
    I love Ellis voice!!!
    Cortez is funny too… I love when he say “Como?”, “Si”, “Por supuesto”, “Amigos!!”.

    I think Mr. Domination is Leeroy, maybe he created that combine with all his computer skills… maybe he maked him to kill Cortez

    Guys, keep up the good work!

  15. RuMeN

    Romantic.. hm.. maybe if you add some girls in the cast.. some hot chicks.. some nude hot chicks.. some nude gay hot chicks.. with BIG BOMBS, blonde hair and blue eyes.. hm.. 🙂

    Oops, this is idea for new show.. 😛

  16. nfreak141

    oof! every time i see the producer, i get the chills! everytime i hear his VOICE it’s creepy! and player… lmao at player. great job with the series guys. excellent job.

  17. Grif

    lol, another great episode, loved when player shot chet with the scout
    PLAYER: 😀
    Chet: oh god @!$@in dammit player!

  18. Ubercow

    Elis: “Hey guys, there’s some fucked up shit goin on outside”
    Producer: “Do not listen to Elis, return to the house. Do not go look at the fucked up shit.”

    That’s epic!

    How do you guys lipsync the gman model?

  19. CrazyBoyLT

    oh i like those movies so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Respect for Garrys Team 😉

  20. HnK

    OWN4GE, the begginin where player tries to kill ahmad ROFL

    Plater: 😀
    Chet: WTF PLAYER

  21. Thomas

    There some “Beep” up “Beep” out here. Dont go look at the “Beep” up “Beep”


  22. Griffen The Canuck

    [quote comment=”1079″]so this is the trailer?[/quote]
    No, this is an episode.

    Anyways, did anyone else notice Westheimer say tixle pites?

  23. dashoe

    lolzz good episode

    Ellis : Hey guys, come check out the fucked up shit outside
    Producer : Do not listen to ellis, return to the house, do not go look at the fucked up shit

  24. Peanutopolis

    [quote comment=”5014″][quote comment=”1079″]so this is the trailer?[/quote]
    No, this is an episode.

    Anyways, did anyone else notice Westheimer say tixle pites?[/quote]

    yup. one of my favorite lines, too

  25. CJ

    Hey guys, first post, but uh, i have a few questions, how are you guys doing the effects? in the first place, how are you guys doing the movie even? i am new to this kinda stuff, and would like to give it a run for its money, thanks!

  26. Anonymous

    tixel pitties? is that what he said? and what’s with the crossbow that wetheimer is holding? cant wait till next ep…

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