Web Zeroes, 1.1: Cast Aways

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Alex and Nate have convinced their friend Ray to return home to help them get famous on the Internet. Their first order of business: recording a podcast. It’s the first episode of the re-booted Web Zeroes!

16 thoughts on “Cast Aways

  1. angeloftheafterlife

    i don’t want to criticize to much, since this is the “first”
    episode, but i think that the original parts that were added in again, weren’t done nearly as well… and the camera seemed a bit to shaky… but it was good overall… hope to seem more soon.

  2. Thetaman

    I’m so happy that you guys are finally getting to get paid for doing what you want to do. Hooray Web Zeroes (and I loved Leet World, of course) 🙂

  3. JoeyDude

    Great guys nice show and i’m sure it will get better, I just think some people don’t get the idea of the show.. either they’re slow or maybe they just don’t get the “randomness” lol well i love the randomness in this show

  4. DaPurpleSharpie

    So…..that’s where the voice of Ellis comes from. Its kinda weird seeing the face of the voice.

    ” I tried to tell my wife what its like to carry something inside of you. Someday, she’ll understand…maybe. ”

    Dude. Keep it up~

  5. Mr. Web

    Nice starting to Web Zeroes. 🙂 You are talking about podcast in the video and I wonder, will you record new podcasts?

  6. spawninggrounds

    Love it. I feel like you’re in my head. Long-time creative person itching for content. Love the Seinfeld reference about show about everything. Also, love the “unicorn cast”… “why’d you stop recording?” …”shit.”

    Epic. I’m telling all my friends.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Lord Hayden

    Absolutely amazing. Each and every person in the video is an excellent actor, and I am glad that you are all being paid for this now, you all deserve it. The ad in the middle of everything was a bit of a pain, but I completly forgot about it once I had the laugh about the Enterprise. As some others have discussed, the previous jokes could have been done a little better. I don’t really mind this, but the one I really missed was the “Nate & Kevin” joke, that one had some real style to it that just could not have been perfected a second time, it possibly could have been “Nate’s” tone of voice… Although, it still made me laugh nearly as much as I did before, and I would like to thank you all for this. I hope to see more of these hillarious episodes in the future, with minimal problems. (I can’t go say “no” problems could I? Is that really possible…?)

    Anyway, to wrap it up, I am glad to see you guys back in action and ready to make people laugh, and I hope to see some future Leet World releases in the future (Mainly the Soundtrack). My friends and I are going to each buy Leet World shirts ASAP.

    Thanks, Smooth Few Films! You guys are the best!

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