5 thoughts on “Tech Yeti

  1. playersbro

    lol another awesome episode guys!, especially loved the joke at the beginning when Nick finds the unprotected network, ive done that before. keep up the good work guys, loving the new Web Zeros and pretty interesting those lost TLW facts were. That would have been pretty crazy if Westy was Chet’s dad.

  2. Thetaman

    Yeah, as I watch these, I keep thinking that the new material is great, and I can’t wait for you to finish with the joke copies of the old episodes. It’s just that voices, facial expressions, and timing was so much better the first time (on the rehashed jokes only). However, other than that and the netflix stuff (which you guys don’t have a whole lot of choice about), I think almost every new, original joke is great. Once this show gets rolling for a while, I think it’ll be even better than it is now. Good show and great work on putting in all the effort that you guys do 🙂

  3. sam-sam

    Great episode. Loved the roman gta4 joke , the netflix ads are kinda annoying but the show is really good, better than the original. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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