Web Zeroes, 1.5: Dungeons and Date Night

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In order to salvage what’s left of their friendship following their horrendous experiments, Nate convinces the guys to kick back and play some D&D. Unfortunately, Alex has promised his wife a quiet evening at home, and decides to mix the two together.

4 thoughts on “Dungeons and Date Night

  1. Pharoahgakash

    Awesome episode, only 1 thing i thought would have been better, some of the audio properties and some of the music during a few scenes seemed overdriven. D&D = Win, Nice “Beerimid” that was epic!

  2. Julez

    Great episode boys. Haven’t had time to post on any of the other episodes, but I’m really happy with how this is turning out!

    Also, I have that MGS Ring for when my MGS-Crazed friend calls/texts. Very awesome.

    (PS you should have a Remix contest with the theme =) )

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