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Ad Dudes and Announcements

Mad MenAfter a couple of weeks off to catch back up on the show, we now return with Episode 24 of Web Zeroes, Adverse Effects. In this episode, we see the guys deal with the surprise of incorporating ads into their show, and what all that means for the road ahead. Naturally, there are schemes and jokes, and things continue to progress with Alex’s co-workers as well, which will lead up to a spectacular season finale, if I do say so myself.

Many big thanks to JJ, who penned a great episode yet again. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Miguel, who plays Scott, and did a fantastic job. Give those two guys a hand, as well as Jace, who always kills it each week on the musical front. These people are like ninjas at their crafts, so it’s cool that I know ninjas, I think.

And now for some news…

The season 2 finale (Episode 25) will also be the finale of the show itself. Next week will mark the end of Web Zeroes. We’ve known that’s how it was going to be for a month or so now, but couldn’t really talk about it until the release of this episode. I wish we could have told you guys sooner, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I think it’s important to note that ending the show is our decision, mostly because it has just been too exhausting to do the show as a part time job in addition to our day jobs. We’re thankful to Revision3 for the opportunity to broadcast this show to a much bigger audience than we had before, and for allowing us the privilege of being their first scripted series.
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The Lost TLW Factoids, Part 3

DetectiveSeveral months back, I released a few articles about some of the lost storylines and little known behind the scenes details concerning our machinima show, The Leet World. In part 1, I went over things such as Player’s original identity and Chet’s father. With part 2, I shed some light on a few unexplored story threads like Darth Westy or Dead Leeroy.

Even though almost a year has gone by since the show’s end, we still receive plenty of inquiries about these features, so I thought I’d bring it back with even more tidbits that you guys never knew.

So let’s get started. Details are after the jump!

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Rebels in the System

HothWe now present to you Episode 23 of Web Zeroes, Strike Force. This episode features the rapidly progressing story of Alex’s job woes, along with the Techstrogen side of things, where Bobby King and the Hobo have figured out just how much power they have over the show. Naturally, they go batpoop insane about this, as they are wont to do.

There are just 2 more episodes to the season, and we are eager to be done with them. Both for the work involved, but also with some of the gags planned, particularly for the finale. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a snag in production, so we will be taking the next two weeks off to get those wrapped up and delivered back-to-back. I know it stinks, but we just couldn’t stay on target the way we wanted to. Like Luke did.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of this newest episode. Having the scenes at Alex’s work make for a nice break from the normal zaniness of the trio, and have added a nice new dynamic to the season I feel like. This episode and and the next were another pair written by the totally rad Jeff James, so give props to him. Also, Jace’s work is stellar yet again. He always manages to surprise me, and hearing how his style has grown since The Leet World is pretty cool.

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The Woodland Lady

We now present to you folks Episode 22 of Web Zeroes, Day in the Life of Diane, an episode whose title makes it quite obvious what the actual content of the show is about. This episode is not to be confused with another short where two machines talk to each other, though that is amusing as well.

Many thanks and kudos to my good-natured (and lovely) wife, who puts up with more than she ought to regarding our Web crazyness. This show constantly finds new ways to land close to home, and this episode really does kind of imitate what an average weekend is like for Jen. Minus actual hobos, though Miles does play the part a bit too well. This episode officially sets us up for the final arc of the season, and the next three episodes really build on one another until an epic and hopefully hilarious conclusion. I think you guys will like what’s coming, but then again, I say that all the time.

Over the next couple of weeks, you guys are going to start to see a few more updates around here, as I’ve been itching to get past my WZ writing so I can put in some good content for you. Look forward to that, which will include more lost TLW information, episode outtakes, and then some. In the meantime, hit the jump to see the episode!

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Heroes of Time

TriforceIt’s quest time, fools. We now present Episode 21 of Web Zeroes, Triforcers. In it, the guys are trying to assemble Amy, Bobby King, and the Hobo, or the three pieces of the Triforce, in order to fulfill their contracts with Revision3.

I’m very proud of this episode, and think it easily ranks among some of our funniest work. Really, the opening teaser is maybe the most accurate portrayal of me, Nick and Daniel’s friendship that’s been on screen yet. Similar conversations happen almost daily. As always, Jace kind of dominated the music stuff, and deserves muchos applausos. That means lots of clapping, for our non-Spanish speaking friends.

Hopefully you guys agree with me, and enjoy all of the Legend of Zelda references. Hit the jump to see the episode, dudes.
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King of Contracts

Bobby KingAh, it’s good to be back. After a two week break, we now present to you Episode 20 of Web Zeroes, The Negotiator. In this edition of our Web show, the guys are working on a deal with Revision3 to secure their very own show. And who do they let work his negotiating magic? None other than the king of everything himself, Mr. Bobby King. You probably know how that goes down.

This sets the stage for the rest of the season, which is getting a bit more hectic to film, as you’ll see in the coming weeks. If I could give Jace Ford all of the props (who wants to be given actual props, anyway) in the world for his music this week, I would do so. Additionally, much thanks to the Revision3 folks who appeared in this episode. They are actually some of my favorite bits in it.

In other news, be sure to check out yesterday’s post for some cool personal things we’re working on. As for now, you know the drill: hit the jump to see the episode!
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Law and Nerder

Law and OrderWe now proudly bring you the newest episode of Web Zeroes, Episode 19, Street Justice. It is just a tad bueno, if I do say so myself. It also marks the halfway point of the season, so we’re taking a 2 week break from releasing episodes to get caught up and take a slight breather.

In this episode, we see the dudes undergoing an investigation into the mystery of who’s been secretly using their credit card. You’ll quickly note that it’s a slight departure from our normal style. As many of you know, we first envisioned Leet World as a Law and Order spoof. While that never quite panned out, it’s an idea we kept in our back pocket and finally decided to unleash this season in WZ. Add in a little bit of CSI, a hobo, and some awesome music from Jace Ford, and you have a fun combo. I think you’ll especially like the intro.

Anyway, now that I’ve sufficiently built you up for disappointment, you should go ahead and hit the jump to see the episode. Go ahead. Jump. Like they do in Battlestar Galactica.
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Hobo SoupWell, it’s a tad later than normal, but Episode 18 of Web Zeroes, Hobo Day, is up and available for your scrutiny and Molotov cocktails. No, it is not about overgrown Hobo Spiders, but boy do I wish that were true.

In this episode, the dudes get themselves an intern in the form of Kegger AKA the Hobo AKA Vincent Merriweather III, Esq. He, of course, is a hard working and very creative individual that will no doubt help them in their endeavors to do something meaningful and worthwhile on the Internet. Why would anyone think any differently?

Anyway, time for the weekly shout-out: this episode was written yet again by our Webmaster, JJ, so send praises in his general direction after you have watched and partaken in lulz. Also, if you hate it, blame him. Or Daniel.

To watch the ep, just hit the jump. You don’t have to, but you want to. Right?
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Lurking Under Bridges

We come to another Wednesday, which means that it’s time for a new Web Zeroes. I’ll keep this brief because I’m running a fever and feel like that triceratops in Jurassic Park.

Episode 17 of Web Zeroes, The Troll, is now up for you guys to watch. In this episode, we see what happens when the guys start to collect an online community, and the inevitable trolling that will no doubt occur. Also, Nate deals with his feelings for Amy.

Personally, I think this episode really shows off how much we’re starting to settle in to the making of this show, on every side. It was finely penned by our Web master JJ, who did a fantastic job. Mad props again to Jace, who is making me run out of ways to say that the music each episode makes me a happy gringo. Also, happy birthday to Daniel today. He is like eleventy years old. Wish him a good one.

To watch the ep, hit the jump. Or don’t, if you feel like being belligerent.
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Making the Band

TechstrogenIt’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for a new episode of Web Zeroes. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke this time, we promise.

Episode 16 of our goofy series, Techstrogen, is now available to be viewed and/or torn apart by all of you swell folks. In this episode, the guys attempt to make a show starring with their new hire, Amy. Also, Alex skips work.

I’m a really big fan of this episode. I know I’m supposed to say that about everything we do, but there are always some things that tend to grab me more than others, and this episode does it for me. In addition to introducing several new characters, it also has some of Jace’s best work in terms of the music. But I guess I should stop talking and let you be the judge. You judgers.

Hit the jump and judge away.
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