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  1. MGL

    I’ve been watching WZ (as well as your other shows) ever since it came out and I absolutely loved the series, especially this last episode that made me feel compelled to actually register to give my wholehearted thank you for this wonderful series, my most sincere wish for the best of luck in the teams future projects both for the internet community and for your professional and/or personal life.

    I also wish you good luck in the WZ Series Wrap Party, and that everyone who’ll attend enjoy themselves. Hopefully this sort of au revoir party will make you guys come back to be again the web series dudes. I would love to attend but, being from Portugal makes it kind of hard for me to be there, maybe someone can live stream it (asking for too much, yeah I know, but I can only hope).

    Anyway, it’s been awesome and I’m sure that the number of viewers you get is bigger than you guys think, and just because the show ended, doesn’t mean the numbers will stop, in fact, they might grow even bigger.

    I know you guys won’t forget about your fans, especially the die-hard ones, so keep us posted because I’m sure everybody will attend.

    Again, thank you 🙂

  2. - Anonymous -

    Ok this was the best episode yet! I love the ending “Ok this is bullsh-” Made me lol so hard. I have to admit, you guys really pulled this off.

    Ever since the ending of Leet World, I hadn’t been checking your website as often (4 to 5 times per day) for updates, but I stuck with you. I knew that you guys had potential and all that shtuff so I wanted to be there and see what this show would turn into. Honestly, the first few episodes didn’t really get to me, but then it started progressing and I got more into it and now look at what it turned out to be.

    You guys are amazing at this and I’m not going to ask for more things like TLW stuff and shorts and GRIEF and all those things because I understand that you guys have lives, and jobs, and are very busy to be devoting most of your spare time to work even more.

    All I want to say in this super long, maybe last post, is that I thank-you for an amazing ride and everything you did was amazing (even a day in the life of a turret). Will keep checking for posts though…


  3. Dunnerski

    Those guys said it best.

    I loved TLW and followed it since S1E02 and cried when it was over. (MANLY TEARS)
    I wasn’t as into Web Zeros, but TLW made it believable, which made me cry on the inside with this ending. Good luck on the roads ahead of you guys, and hopefully you guys can come back later and do TLW movie or something, for old times sake. 😉

    Good luck and God Speed,

  4. Tuoppo

    This episode had the most number of WTF moments in the whole season. Hope youre all living the dream you wanted.

  5. khanman88

    I started watching when TLW was coming to an end, i’ve loved all of your work, thank you. Try making TF2 series.

  6. Pwezem

    Oh gawd, I have the same feeling I did when TLW ended..
    It can be simply expressed…


    A masterpiece, gentlemen. I love you guise.

  7. awesometacular 5000

    your guys are amazing, that was an awesome way to end the show

    can’t wait for season 3 (if there is gonna be one) of WZ and TLW

  8. Firefox

    What an epic show. Strange that this ends. It just feels… weird. Oh well, wonder what’s coming up next.

    Awesome way to end the show.

    Hope to see you next series 😉

  9. theodoh

    is it wrong if i cried at the end of this? *sniff* excuse me while i wipe my eyes and put some pants on

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