Interviewz and Serverz

Just thought I’d share with everyone that we’re featured on an interview over at the website of the smokin’ CSS team “compLexity”. If you don’t know who they are, they are kind of awesome. It’s a fun little interview where we talk about the show, our background, the future of SFF, and maybe even a couple of hints for our fans.


The Leet World Interview

In other news, we now have a Dallas-based CSS server for The Leet World, come check it out! Still trying to work out some of the kinks, so if it restarts once or twice during the weekend, forgive us. We’d love to see some of you dudes there. Though we’re not very good.

11 thoughts on “Interviewz and Serverz

  1. Mike

    THIS IS AWESOME! I love that you guys are getting all this hype. when you first made the trailer i showed my friends thinking it was decent. they fell in love with it! KEEP GOING!

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