A Sneak Peek

Since it’s been a few days without any kind of tangible proof that Episode Four is actually coming, we thought we’d give you guys a trailer for it. Hope you enjoy. Should be out sometime next week. Hopefully, there will also be more activity on our server in the coming days- my Steam decided to break so I haven’t been able to play. Soon, though. Soon.

29 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek

  1. Tufak

    I was waiting for something like this for a week, checking the website every day. Thanks a million for the sneak peek!

  2. Sniper Wolf

    Lol man you know ya shit man hahahahah awsome ๐Ÿ˜›

    Best CS comedy ever lol i love it man keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€ Roflmao and i did it literly i laughed so much i fekll over my chair , fell to the floor and rolled aroung laughing ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Tufak

    Sniper Wolf: I agree with you. Since I’ve never played CS, the show isn’t maximally fun to me. But I’ve seen enough of action players’ community in other games (Soldat, Warsow, Hidden Source) to ‘R.O.F.L.’ after each Player’s line, how you guys say it. :o)

    My favourite character in the Leet World is probably Leeroy, because World of Warcraft, which is allegorized here, is a game very close to me.

    P.S.: What does RTFM mean?

  4. Tufak

    I admit I’m a bit worrying about the change of environment. Previous episodes were based on dialogues – it’s pretty difficult to make funny gags during action scenes. I believe the creators will make it somehow anyway. :o)

  5. Eddy

    Yeah, that was certainly the challenge when writing and filming this episode. It’s nuts, because we feel like we’re doing the first episode all over again, it’s just different (not radically different, though) than what we’ve done for the first three. Which is why it’s going to take slightly longer than the two weeks that the other episodes had between them. As always, we think our characters are what will make the show enjoyable, so we’ve been aiming for that when we do this.

  6. Sgt.Taters

    God, I hate it when you guy post theese previews, it is just cruel and harsh, I mean come on why are you so mean to just leave us starting wanthing more with such a good preview!Man!


    Just kidding I lvoe this show I can not wait for the next show!:)

  7. Tripsy

    please don’t let player of cortez die in fact no one should die PLEASE! and weres the para weilding guy from the preview i DEMAND him in a episode

  8. Tufak

    Let the creation be two months long if you need the time, just make it look good!

    Sgt. Taters:

    I hope nobody will die. Ellis with the bloody sleeve doesn’t look much convincing, though. :o( What’s para anyway? A CS skin?

    Which of the nubitos will hurt his team more? XD

  9. Chamberlain

    I’ve played counterstrike to the point it taunts my dreams, if you need another sheep to bounce ideas off, contact my e-mail. Awesome stuff!

  10. Patient_Man

    Haha can’t wait for ep 4 the sneak peak looks awesome. Eddy your absolutely right in that the majority of us get the most out of the interaction between the characters.

    Keep up the awesome work.

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  12. Matt

    this is awesome. please please please get this done to the best of your abilities, Ive started a frenzy at school for your show!

  13. Midian

    Tufak: The para is a weapon, a machine gun with a big punch, despite it’s accuracy flaws, even with the double-shot delay method, though far more accurate that way than with spray-n-pray. Fairly useless in a one-on-one fire fight, but good against large advancing groups of enemies, especially since it holds a larger amount of ammo.

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