Bearing Gifts

Just a quick little update for you guys. Things are going well, and it seems that lots of people are coming to check out Episode Three, which is awesome (scroll down for it if that’s why you’re here).

Also, we’ve recently been listed as a “featured series” on along with other notable entries such as RedvsBlue, Pathfinders, and Civil Protection, so be sure and check it out! And, just like the title of this post indicates, I have a little present: Episode Two and Three audio outtakes.

17 thoughts on “Bearing Gifts

  1. Gforce

    lol those bloopers were better than the first ones. Btw, does any one know where i an get the music in epi 3? Its the one at 7:57, the producer’s theme as i call it. Answer my question please.

  2. Daniel

    Hey Gforce, Damn Dangerous did that song for us, its currently unavailable for download anywhere, but i’ll get in touch with him this afternoon and see what he thinks about getting a downloadable version up somewhere.

  3. Viva

    Keep up posting the bloopers, wicked funny. Id just recommend turning the volume down though on the bleeping in between each outtake. Its very loud and can get annoying.

  4. John

    Really funny bloopers, guys. The crack on Adam Sizzler and Florgan Webb was so accurate. It almost brought at tear to my eye.

  5. gotcheese?

    HAHA! thats some fucking HyLariArse shit u got goin on there, had me rofling from start to end lolol…

  6. Saint

    Aww not dust again… RTV RTV!!!!!!! nah just kidding I love this website you guys gotta put stuff on here everyday I’m dying without number 4 !!!!

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