So, my brother just got back from Onicon and he told me that he saw some dudes there dressed as CS:S models. They had name tags on. Can anyone guess what the name tags said? The guy dressed as the arctic avenger… his said “Ellis”, and another read “Ahmad”. If you guys are reading this, send us some pics. We’d love to check them out.

On a personal note, this news is sort of awesome.

12 thoughts on “ONICON!

  1. M60

    That’s a rather awesome thing. 🙂 Anyway those cosplayers better upload some pics, I would really love to see them!

  2. Gorman

    that’s rather good news for you guys your name is gettin out there and people like ^^ personally i love it leet world is the best thing since sliced bread ><
    peace… <3 gorman lol

  3. Mr Saito

    LOL, I’m telling various people to check this site out, it’s funny cause I have the clothes to dress up as Westheimer

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