Well, Daniel and Nick are heading off to California today, leaving me all to my lonesome. To be honest, a small break from all The Leet World fracas will be welcome. No more of Daniel and Nick being smelly and fat in my apartment. While they’re gone, I thought I’d give you guys something to chew on. Here’s two deleted scenes from Episode Five. You might watch these and wonder “why did they cut these?”, but in reality, when it was all laid out together, the episode was just way, way too long. It’s in a completely unfinished state, as you might notice by the mono audio, green screens, and lack of color correcting.

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10 thoughts on “Subtractions

  1. M60

    “Then you’re his ugly butt.” The deleted scenes weren’t that funny, no wonder they’ve got deleted. πŸ˜€

  2. Tufak

    Yea, no real jokes in them, though they fit in the plot – I mean, I was bitta confused about Chet’s “doing a lot of shit that sucks” in the official version and now, it makes way more sense.

  3. Gforce

    i noticed that there were a few audio mistakes too, but was still good. But why couldn’t you give us a trailer instead!! why, why!! that would have let us know epi 6 was almost done!

  4. Eddy

    Haha, well that would be a lie, because it’s not. Daniel and Nick are gone for a week. Like always, there will be a trailer coming out the week prior to the episode’s release.

  5. Eddy

    And that’s what I mean by “unfinished” πŸ™‚

    Shows just how much goes into getting an episode ready. Even on the audio side.

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