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Ellis:The Redneck Trek

We’re closing the gap on Episode 13. It should be out within the week, though as we’ve established, Episodes are like King Kong. You never know when it’s going to climb a big building with a blonde chick and gripe about not coming down. Until you pummel it with bullets, bi-planes and editing tools.

If you hadn’t heard, the deadline for the Themetacular Challenge is now next Monday, May 19th, mainly because when we first planned the contest, we were hoping to have Episode 13 out last week, meaning that you could start voting on a finalist in preparation for the season finale, where the winning song will grace us all with its splendid tunes.

Pretty soon, you’ll see previews for future plans. Smooth Few Films is excited. And when we’re excited, that’s good for you guys.

Since there was no bio last week, I thought I’d bring this one to kick us off on the final countdown to Episode 13. Today, we’re going to take a walk with Ellis, The Leet World’s country boy.

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Leeroy’s Masterpiece

We promised it when we released Episode 10, so here it is: the premier of Leeroy’s short film, “Conform”.

[Sarcasm]  It is a heartfelt drama about… well, really, you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves. Leeroy’s a deep thinker, you see, and that kind of stuff just goes over my head.

Other quotes about the movie:

“NeEDS MOAR SeTS!11!”- Player

“A digimal triumph.”- Ellis

“I don’t know what the f— this movie is about.”- Chet

Try to enjoy. You won’t be able to if you’re not artsy enough. At least, that’s what Leeroy told us.[/Sarcasm] Also, expect some more extras by the end of the week.

FYI- This movie is a joke. It’s supposed to be bad.


So, my brother just got back from Onicon and he told me that he saw some dudes there dressed as CS:S models. They had name tags on. Can anyone guess what the name tags said? The guy dressed as the arctic avenger… his said “Ellis”, and another read “Ahmad”. If you guys are reading this, send us some pics. We’d love to check them out.

On a personal note, this news is sort of awesome.