Trailer Goodies

And now, a brief peek at Episode Six. The episode will be out sometime next week. I must say, it’s refreshing to be back in Militia.

Get your hard hats on.

21 thoughts on “Trailer Goodies

  1. Patient_Man

    I still don’t know how you can get boot out of leet 😛

    Anways its looking awesome can’t wait.

  2. Spacewolf

    If you like the show, why not send us a few bucks? Montrose needs new boots!

    A few bucks? Montrose needs new boots!

    Montrose needs new boots!


  3. samurai jack

    lolz getting excited for this new episode of bootworld man gotta see chet and his tequilas 😀

  4. Rob4prez

    Boot World Yea!! love this shit man but y I waight so long, eny way gona go peacefully or I might just explode with anticipation.

  5. LOL

    I think player said “WH4T!!1 I R T3H NUB!!” (What!!! I Are The Noob!!!) maybe he said that because someone said he’s a noob not Ahmad.Hes said that like his pissed.I think….

  6. Mahoney

    Heres what it meant. Ahmad is replacing him for the ‘noob’ position and he is upset because he was always the noob.

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