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Third Time’s a Charm

Leet World season 3 arrives next year. I’ll bet some of you are wondering how this happened.

Two years ago, I went to visit Daniel, Nick and Jace in Los Angeles. While sitting in Daniel and Nick’s backyard at 4 in the morning, we semi-drunkenly hashed out a very basic idea of a plot for a third season of Leet World, should we ever decide to do one. At the time, we were only goofing around, the way that drunk friends do where they secretly mean the things they’re saying.

The idea stuck. The stars aligned earlier this year and we got the itch to make something together again. We started doing tests in Source Filmmaker back in March/April. If at any time we had hit significant road blocks, we would have stopped and called it a nice dream that wasn’t possible. But all of our tests got better and easier. In the summer, we began writing and assessing what some of our needs would be were we to move forward.

About a month ago, we knew it was time to make a decision. So we made a trailer.

We’re overwhelmed by the response that everyone has had to the announcement of Leet World season 3. In all honesty, we thought it would go unnoticed and that we’d have to spend some time letting the old fans know the show was coming back. But everyone grabbed it and spread the word quickly. Your enthusiasm for Leet World is one of the big reasons we decided to get back in the saddle all these years later, so in a way, you guys are the ones to thank.

I don’t want to say too much more about where we’re at in the production calendar; there will be more to come on that front soon. We’ll be making some more announcements in the coming weeks (and months). We can’t wait for you to see some of what we’re working on.

For now, keep spreading the word, and stay tuned for more.

Fuego Factor

And here we are, at our first challenge. We now present Episode 3 of Season 2 of The Leet World, Trial By Inferno. Even if you think you know how things are going to roll in this challenge, don’t be so sure. There are some twists. So far, Season 2 is kicking ass and taking names, and we hope this episode is no exception. Downloads should be up tomorrow.

To get the full awesome experience, we’ve put up Nick’s TLW premiere page to watch the episode at a higher resolution. Go watch it!

Or if you want, you can just watch it at the normal resolution. Video after the jump!

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Machinima for Charity, One Shared Vision

Just wanted to give you guys a head’s up about One Shared Vision, a totally sweet machinima project put together by several machinimakers in the community, with the goal of letting people know about Child’s Play, a charity that donates games to children in hospitals.

Each week, a new machinima will be out, promoting Child’s Play and also providing some bueno holiday entertainment and/or lulz. That’s a proper film making term, be tee dub.

Smooth Few Films is a part of this project, and you will see a short from us later this month. It might star some of your favorite TLW dudes.

For now, enjoy the launch of One Shared Vision by watching this video from machinima dude supreme Phil Rice, and be sure to find out more about Child’s Play to help! It’s an excellent charity that raises millions of dollars worth of games for sick kids in hospitals.

Seriously, the ending slays me every time.

Welcome, Season 2 of The Leet World

And… we’re back. Hope you enjoyed the awesome premiere page that Nick and Jeff set up.

After a few months of waiting, Season 2 is now here. Episode 1, The Return, kick starts the season, introducing some of the elements that are going to become increasingly important as the story rolls on. This builds into a truly epic round of episodes, and I think any of you interested in our story will enjoy the roller coaster ride that is The Leet World.

Because of how we’re developing the show this time around, we’re hoping Episode 2 will be available in just a couple of short weeks. More Web Zeroes content is on its way next week, as well as more TLW screenshots. Video after the jump!

Remember, if the video hasn’t loaded all the way, it might be a tad jumpy. Just pause and let it finish loading all the way to ensure the smoothest playback experience. Enjoy and please comment.

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Season 2 Announcement

So there’s a fun article over at GamerSushi about Valve, Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and how Valve might be the best storytellers in the gaming business. Go read it.

And now on to more important things…

We’re ridiculously close to Season 2 of The Leet World. Stupid close, even. Perhaps burro close, but that could be stretching it. As I’ve said before, whenever no posts are happening on the front page, that means that there’s probably a lot going on in our silly machinima production realm. We’re pounding away at finishing Episode 1, and we’ve even started doing some work on Episode 3 at this point.

There’s also a new commercial from the CT’s for you to watch. Those guys have been getting around lately, doing lots of promotions. Maybe the stress is getting to them? Soon though, they’ll be back in their natural habitat. Video after the jump!

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Indecision Men

Now presenting Episode 2 of Web Zeroes: Writer’s Block. We filmed this a few weeks back, and have been waiting to release it because of the teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World. This episode deals with Nate, Ray and Alex as they try to decide the direction of the story for their new show. Unfortunately, idiocy and sheer confusion hamper their progress, as always. And maybe a little Guitar Hero, for good measure.

I have to admit, it’s still funny to see ourselves on camera after a year of doing zany voices for an over-the-top reality show in Counter-Strike: Source, but so far, we’re enjoying the Web Zeroes vibe. The reception so far has been awesome, so feel free to watch and comment away.

As Arnold would say, stick around over the weekend for an update on Season 2 of TLW. Also, make me some chicken noodle soup, for I am overcome with disease and illness from Daniel. Thanks, Daniel. And a real big thanks go out to our bud Alex, who once again did a sweet job helping us out with the sound.

View the episode after the jump!

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Happy Novemberween, 2008 Edition

Wow, I’ve said it before, but lots of thanks to everyone who has been supporting us by purchasing the TLW Season One Soundtrack. It was a labor of much love by Jace. I think the coolest thing of all is that the people that are buying it seem to love it in a totally passionate want-to-touch kind of way.

All of that aside, it’s been a long time since you’ve all seen or heard any shred of information concerning the whereabouts of one Mr. Adam Sizlewski (AKA Sizzler). Well, I figured I’d bring along a little teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World which finally reveals his location, and maybe ties up a few loose ends on the way.

Also, it tells you when to expect Season 2. Try not to hyperventilate, but it’s cool if you are, I am too. Video after the jump!

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Weekend at PAX: Wrap-Up

PAX is officially over, and the weekend was worth every penny we spent getting there. It’s always been my dream to attend something like this, a video game convention I suppose, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. If you’ve been reading up on it over at GamerSushi, you’ll know that I’ve played a ton of games and seen a lot of cool things.

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G.R.I.E.F. Trailer

In a world overrun with hoodlums, criminals and vagabonds— griefers — one government agency rises to take a stand against an abomination that threatens the very existence of Matchmaking.

This is a trailer for our new Halo mini-series that should be hitting next month, titled, as you all know, G.R.I.E.F. It’s going to be an action/comedy series with a heavy emphasis on the action. We’re excited about it, and you should be too.

Stay tuned to the site for some more cool announcements and extras this week (some of it TLW related) that you definitely don’t want to miss. Huzzah!

Edit: Much thanks to Burnie from Rooster Teeth for the shout out. You all should go check out Ep 12 of Reconstruction.