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Well, here’s the second edition of The Leet World podcast, where we talk about the show, some of your questions, and a few VERY nerdy things (you’ll have to listen to find out). We recorded it a little over a week ago, the day before Episode Six came out. If for no other reason, at least check it out to hear Damn Dangerous’s alternate “podcast version” of The Leet World theme-tune. It’s wonderful.

A few things will become clear when you listen to this… mainly, that we know way too much about TV. And Daniel and Nick are way too into tech.

Also, playing on the server with some of you dudes yesterday was swell. Hope to see more of you guys on there.


The podcast feed is here: http://www.smoothfewfilms.com/wp-rssaudio.php

News to Abuse

Episode Six is nearing completion, and will be out later this week. What’s funny is that as far as production goes, this has been the fastest we have ever gotten an episode completed. Though it doesn’t appear that way from the outside, we are getting more efficient, and doing this in far less time- but since October was a month of hell (for me) and vacations (for Nick and Daniel), it has just taken longer to get the episode released.

Also- Episode Seven should be released in November as well.

And while you wait, check out some interesting video game news for the week: Call of Duty 4 Reviews are trickling out, South Park goes Guitar Hero tonight, Gray Fox ninjas his way onto SSBB, Zero Punctuation reviews Phantom Hourglass, and Super Mario Galaxies rocks.

Those= links. Check ’em out.

Trailer Goodies

And now, a brief peek at Episode Six. The episode will be out sometime next week. I must say, it’s refreshing to be back in Militia.

Get your hard hats on.

Survey says…

Some news…

Episode Six trailer: coming soon. And I would underline soon, but I don’t feel like it.

We’re doing another podcast, shortly after the release of the sixth episode. There’s a topic going on in our forums, but I thought I would post it here, too- if you have something you’d like us to discuss regarding the show, let us know. We won’t get to every topic, and for time’s sake, we’ll pick the most interesting ones, but we’d love to talk about what you guys want to hear about.

Also, in gaming this week: Daddy/daughter Bioshock routine, Luigi is unlockable in Mario Galaxies, Metal Gear Solid 4 is delayed, and a kid punched his mom over Halo 3.

Those are all links bee tee dubya.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

But I’m sure the Terrorists will get by. I know you’re all probably curious about the way Episode Five ended, and we’re all glad to hear it. Ahmad’s stunt was I’m sure totally unexpected, and that’s just the way we like it.

Episode Six is already being filmed, though you’ll be sad to hear that some slight delays are in the forecast. The reason? Daniel and Nick are heading out to California to visit our music maestro, Damn Dangerous (or Jace, as he’s known on his home planet). What will Eddy do for the six days they are gone? Write Episode Seven, of course. But I’ll also be releasing some fun (depending on your point of view) content for you guys.

There was about a minute and a half or so deleted from Episode Five that I’m sure you guys will be interested to see, though it’s not super interesting per se, which is why it was cut in the first place. Also, there might be a little surprise for you guys while they are gone, too.

All that to say that Episode Six might have short delays (nothing crazy like Episode Four) just because of the nature of the next few weeks. October is hell month for me at work, plus Nick and Daniel traveling= The Leet World doesn’t get all that fun attention. But like I said, no worries, there will be lots of content for everyone, and once Nick and Daniel return, we’ll be back on our normal schedule again.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Episode Six:

Always Causing a Fuss WHERE U GOIN? After the Break-Up