Well, here’s the second edition of The Leet World podcast, where we talk about the show, some of your questions, and a few VERY nerdy things (you’ll have to listen to find out). We recorded it a little over a week ago, the day before Episode Six came out. If for no other reason, at least check it out to hear Damn Dangerous’s alternate “podcast version” of The Leet World theme-tune. It’s wonderful.

A few things will become clear when you listen to this… mainly, that we know way too much about TV. And Daniel and Nick are way too into tech.

Also, playing on the server with some of you dudes yesterday was swell. Hope to see more of you guys on there.


The podcast feed is here: http://www.smoothfewfilms.com/wp-rssaudio.php

18 thoughts on “Podcast-astic!

  1. ToKeN2

    Dam your got a lot to talk about.
    But half of it is just bullshit runing tru yours brain.

    If you whant good internett move to Sweden they got 2 GB line! Shit!
    And the line is serwed by Telenor a company form Norway,
    but they dont give Peephole from Norway that πŸ™

    The LeetWorld server is just to mutch ping for me (160-1809) on Max.
    But i’m form Norway so it’s not that werid!

  2. Doug

    Sherm, have you read The Long Tail? If you haven’t, you should. The 10 movies for $10 million idea is covered pretty heavily in that…well the idea for that, at least.

  3. Zetra3

    You know being nerds, and being crazy, werid and everything else like it, is just totally awesome. you guys i can relate to in crazy ways. And i look forwerd to the future and The leet world. Leet world will be better known and more popular then other show in the universe. Now i must go zombie slaying, beacuse i feel like it.

  4. jruthnam

    Hey guys, firstly I have to say that I would of loved to have been there to have that conversation with you guys; from hearing about the creation of Leet World to your thoughts on the WGA strike and digital media. I’m all the way over in Australia and the only people who even know of the these issues (more than what they read in the news) are my lecturers at university. I enjoyed listening to your own personal insights and criticisms. I’ve also found a new love with Machinima and a few of the shows produced (Leet World, Civil Protection etc.). Right now I’m trying to find a few mates who are interested in putting a few ideas together, and try and get my head around the basics of using SDK’s. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for your entertainment while I procrastinate here at my desk; studying for exams is not a forte of mine πŸ˜› Good luck with your next episode and I’d really enjoy getting in contact with you for a good chat. Jay.

  5. John

    okay, so i’m from norway (love the show btw). i listened like 15 times to get the part were you tell what myspace-profile i can download it from.. but i couldn’t so i googled for like 15 minutes and find a band named damn dangerous, when i tried to download the song it was like 254 bytes or something. help please?

  6. Daniel

    yeah, the song is a .mp4, it seems that pc’s dont really like this format at all. although, i thik itunes can play it, then you can convert it to whatever format you like from there. I know hes working on getting an mp3 there so there wont be so many problems.

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