If You Want Blood

We now present Episode Eight of The Leet World, “If it Bleeds”. This marks the halfway point of our season and is the midseason finale, of sorts. We’ll be taking a few weeks off from making episodes to get ready for the next half of the season, and taking some steps to ensure that the show just gets better and better. But, as always, there will be plenty of extra treats for you guys over the next few weeks, as we’ll have time to get some cool bonus content on here. And I promise you you’ll want to look at it. Trust me.

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We’d like to thank you guys for being loyal visitors and fans, and it’s your participation and eagerness that makes this all the more fun. Smooth Few Films definitely couldn’t do this without your support. It’s been a great ride so far- here’s to more!

Enjoy! Also, be sure to keep voting for our Ziddio contest entry– today is the last day to vote!

102 thoughts on “If You Want Blood

  1. ===(*.*)==>

    That was intense!!! The fight scene was amazing, everything is just great…there only 1 thing tat i got to say is tat i find it hard trying to understand wat the dominator was saying, maybe some subtitles would help. The plot getting much interesting i can’t wait to see wat happen next.

  2. tali

    this was f***** awersome

    yes, subtitles would be great, couse it is quite hard to understood what this domainator guy is saying.

  3. Spacewolf

    HORAY!!! You guys really do deserve a break. This is a great way to make me feel better about my surgery I just had done 🙁

  4. Spacewolf

    Ooh, by the way, are some of the “Extra Treats” going to be stuff to buy in the store? I want some stuff! 😀

  5. Taz

    Awesome!!!!This is the best episode ever!!!! I like these fighting episodes like ep4, PLayer was awesome!! PLayer ftw!!!!!

  6. Taylor114

    Great episode, keep it up guys. And I agree with earlier posts, it was really hard to understand the dominator guy, maybe subtitles or cleaning up his voice might help. Great ep.

  7. jace

    thanks guys for all of your support through the first half of the season. it’s totally awesome.
    -damn dangerous

  8. Lionheart

    Ya vienen! Los Ocho Muertos!!
    THE Best episode. Had me laughing like hell, (even when Player got fragged) and really had me in the moment.
    As I said, THE best. I hope you launch your DVD soon. You got a sure buyer right here.

    …Oh, and “Solamente” means Only. Not Alone. ONLY.
    “Solo” is alone.

  9. Nubblecakes

    I thought it was pretty good but I don’t know about the dominator guy’s voice. I think it’d be better if he sounded more like a combine from Half Life 2.

    Good work though. Keep at it.

  10. JJ

    [quote comment=”1435″]…Oh, and “Solamente” means Only. Not Alone. ONLY.
    “Solo” is alone.[/quote]

    Hehe Eddy is actually Hispanic, so I’ve always assumed the mangled Spanglish is part of the joke.

  11. JJ

    [quote comment=”1441″][quote comment=”1439″]Cortez was never very good at spanish.[/quote]
    or seeing[/quote]

    He mostly focused on killing in grammar school, didn’t he?

  12. Westy

    By far the best Ep made so far..

    dont really care about the dominators voice its easy enough to see what he means

    2 thumbs up! ;]

  13. Player

    Muy bueno!!!!!

    NO MAMES YA VIENEN LOS 8 MUERTOS A LA #!%@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great work guys!!!

    Player FTW!!!!!111

  14. Tomek


    or it would be maybe better to say until now, cause you’re getting better and better from episode to episode

    great jop guys keep that up! 🙂

  15. Willzi


  16. bojangles

    omg ocho muertos are coming show me the next episode now oh and will cortez have his dream of teabagging the ocho muertos

  17. Gforce

    So domination was nothing more then a bounty hunter, or just a plain assasin, for the Ocho Muertos. It looks like the one who betrayed Cortez shall be returning to finish the job. Its all begining to fall into place. MAKE THE DVD, I WANT THIS FOR MOVIE NIGHT.

  18. Sixx

    Oh. My. Dicksandiwch.

    That was great, although the humor was a bit sparse, it definitely pieced things together. Can’t wait for episode 9. It did seem rushed though, which is very understandable since you have about 700 people who have been sitting at their computers refreshing TLW page every thirty seconds since Episode Sevens release. Still a great episode, keep it up!



  19. Biznytch

    “Boobs? Cool! I like boobs!”

    That’s the most glorious thing to emerge from Ahmad’s mouth, despite my favorite character being Montrose.

    “I like the bewts…”

  20. Yoshiki

    that was teh awesome!!!!!!!!! This Machinima has the best plot ive ever seen!!!
    can’t wait till next part, but you guys definitly deserve a break after all those awesome episodes

    I hope player lives, I wouldnt know what to do if he died

  21. Snailmail

    Wow, you guys are taking this show to a completely new level, 3 whole mysteries started in one episode! I congratulate you on this wonderful machinima, it is WAY better than Red vs. Blue.


    The Ocho Muertos are back!”

  22. jay

    loving wat u guys have done for this series

    best machinima series i’ve seen ever

    i cant wait til the next episode


    haha and i also love the way montrose always has one funny line in every episode

    “like a tiger….rawrrr”

  23. Els

    Very niceeee, Every episode more comments are left.

    Very annoying how i look forward to the next episode because of a cliff hanger only to watch the next one and be left with more cliff hangers.. so fustrating. Looking forward to next year.

  24. Spikey00

    Great episode for the holidays tbh.

    I have a feeling that Aliens V Predators had an influence over this movie. Note the “If it bleeds, it can be killed.”


    Happy holidays and new years.

  25. Pit

    As part of a required test protocol, our previous statement suggesting that Player was on death’s door was an outright fabrication. We will stop enhancing the truth in 5… 4… 3…

    PS: Domination really needs some subtitles 😛 I’ve watched this video 3 times, and, as I’m not English, I didn’t quite understand what he was saying. But anyway, good job 🙂

    PPS: Please tell me, that there is a video outtake of Westheimer missing Cortez with the M4A1 [I mean the situation @ 8:07] 😛

  26. Griff

    I never saw that coming… Ahmad getting hax! Lol. Great twist! Love it! When do you guys think the other half will be? A month maybe? Just don’t rush it! Take as long as you want!

  27. Shifty of the Shire

    DL of Ep. 8 not working for me. Anyone else having this problem? Please change it if it’s broken i share these vids with a whole bunch of guys that don’t have internet! They love em!!

  28. Eddy

    Make sure your quicktime and wmv are updating. Apparently, random people have problems with it and I’m not sure why. It works on all the computers at my house, and some of them don’t have everything updated. We have a few weeks where we can play with it a little and try to find out what the issue is. I’m wondering if it’s a codec or something that people are missing.

  29. Katana

    Man, this is so awesome…I think I can tell where this might be going with Player. Also, nice to see Cortez in mano-y-mano. Next time have it like a whole Solid-Snake sneaking thing.

  30. Dunk

    After the line “how do we kill something we can’t see?”, it zooms in on Cortez – I thought that because he was the only one not to rely on sight, he would be able to use his hearing and cunning to have an epic showdown with the invisible dude and win. For the battle though, the enemy was visible the whole time, so I guess that I just overanalysed that shot 😛

  31. Shifty of the Shire

    [quote comment=”1500″]Shifty, you can always try watching it on Youtube.[/quote]
    Well, I would it’s just that like i said I DL them for guys that don’t have internet.

  32. L337M4N

    oh my days that has got to be the hottest episode yet! you guys…. can u get any better???

    hope u all have a gd break and have a gd christmas!

    [quote comment=”1521″]http://youtube.com/watch?v=0C4_JlTasRk

    I made a episode 8 it be kewl if u check it out ;p[/quote]

    Nice tribute vid m8, didnt really like the song tho cuz that GC track sucks, rubbish vocals imo. But overall it was fab!

  33. PhanracK

    Awesome! Some real exitement after some Reality TV episodes. And whoa? How you are going to make Ahmad look like a haxxor? Red-Blue glasses or something? Or if he will be a speehaxxor?

  34. method

    did i miss something or how come cortez didnt have his awp at the beginning he had an ak then westheimer gave him an m4

  35. DUDE

    1 thing for sure is that Ahmad is the noob and not player…..and NICE WORK!!! GJ for finishing the episode 8,cant wait for episode 9!!!Take Your Time Makin it in the future and have a good rest , U all Earn It..

  36. sjjownage

    welll im makeing another it should be done in a couple of days but i think this 1 is gunna be threw the roof my friend who say like 2 min of it and never saw the show luvs it

  37. sear

    THAT WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER but i hate that player got inured I hope he makes it


  38. pwp

    this is so awsome guys its really in depth it makes u want to watch more it is really well made and id give it a 10/10 !!!!!!

    cant wait to see more

  39. Griff

    sjjownage. That has the be the best amv I’ve ever saw. You guys have to check it out! The music matches perfectly!


  40. Eddy

    Haha, while we appreciate your fan videos (cool stuff), it’d be better if you did your showing off and campaigning in our forums instead of our video topic on the front page. Thanks dude.

  41. Doug

    Looks great guys. Looking at the comments, it seems as if the audio for Domination is the tricky part. You may want to try the following:

    Record the same vocals twice and overdub them on top of each other. Pitch bend one of the layers down an octave or so. You may try playing with the reverb a bit, too.

    Also, if you want to spook it up a bit (which may not be the intention), you can reverse the audio track, add some reverb and then flip it back to normal to get a reverse echo effect.

  42. Ant Lion Guard

    when i downloaded it, it only came up to 10:08 long. what should i do download it again, can someone please help me?

  43. AVC


    The only problem I had was understanding the dominator. Some subs would really help.

  44. Pritesh

    This was AWESOME best episode by far, dont use subs for all the characters it would ruin player. anyway awesome job guys enjoy your break! you deserve it!

  45. sp#3

    The first rule of script writing is every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

    Even “The never ending story” actually ended.

    “Leet World” seems to be hell bent on actually succeeding in the never ending category, since it already has a lock on non-linear and pointlessness.

    7 episodes of this thing stalking them and killing people, then it says, “Oh yeah, I guess you are a badass, my work here is done…” and walks off? That’s so weak Stephen Hawking could kick it’s ass, without the wheelchair either…

  46. Eddy

    Well, the story does have a beginning, middle, and an end. Kind of jumping to conclusions to say we’re hell bent on dragging things out. I mean, you haven’t seen the end yet. Or the middle for that matter 🙂 We’re talking about 7 episodes that are 8 minutes long apiece. Like… an hour of viewing time. It wouldn’t be very good storytelling to introduce a plot element and pay it off the very next episode.

    Thanks for the critique, dude. Hopefully the pace picks up for you in the future. 🙂

  47. sp#3

    LOL, I like complaining, especially for something that’s free! 🙂

    The pace, in my oh so humble opinion, needs work though. There is a lot of wading through stuff that goes no where (to date) between payoffs.

    You gotta admit, the Domination guy walking off, argh, weak is the only word. Maybe at least they could have fought and he gets away. But after hanging bodies in the trees and the build up to his appearence…argh…

    Most people (meaning, me) have the attention span of a gnat, this needs two scoops of instant gratification and bake until golden brown.

    I fixated on the Dom appearence as it’s beenpretty much the only thread tying these together, the subplots largely do not span multiple episodes (ie, paint the house) or otherwise short lived (hiding in the computer lair).

    The Holiday one was good for a chuckle…We need to see Chet and Player on New Years “I’m so trashed bro!!” “ITZ MARTINELLIS UR DRINKIN” “DUDE! Dude! dude…you don’t understand man, I’m a freaking diabetic!”

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  49. M0rf1nA

    Just simply amazing what u can do with a mod and some imagination and ofcourse HardWork!! 5***** 😉 cant wait to watch the new episodes… i agree with the comments above about dominators voice, but no bad… I hate that Noobito (Hamade) he’s just f***** lame!! n00b…. keep working and please when you have new episodes let everyone know… 😀

  50. THE100th

    IM THE 100th !!!!!! lol it was the most interesting episode of all episode….well…now wai for u all to come back for some weeks 😀 have a nice rest!

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