You, You Got What I Need

Things have been going well with the release of “The Over-Achiever”! If you’re here for it, just scroll down.

But now, on to our pride and joy, The Leet World- the release of Episode Eight is upon us- it’ll be here in the next day or two, so “get your popcorn ready”, to quote the lovable Mr. Owens. It’s actually going to be the biggest episode yet (clocking in at around 12 minutes as of now), so get your bandwidth ready, too.  Remember, we’ll be taking a short break from making actual episodes of the show once Episode Eight is released, but there will be some great post-Christmas presents for you guys!

One other thing- so far, things are going well with the Ziddio contest we entered (using our Halo 3 video)- but we still need more votes! The winner of this contest gets some nifty prizes, including some great opportunities to show your videos to more and more people.

It would really help us out if you would take the time to go vote. All you have to do is register at, and then click here to go to our video, and give it a good rating! We’re not asking you all to make multiple accounts or down-vote other videos or anything, so please don’t do that- giving us a good vote will be more than enough to do your part.

13 thoughts on “You, You Got What I Need

  1. Gforce

    well i’m more of a salsa person, but popcorn is good too. Anyway, i hope you guys win the contest and episode 8 will finally be with the others in my ipod. Hurray!!

  2. Tufak

    Over-Achiever and all the something-meaning videos have been removed from the list of vids at the contest, probably because of judging.

  3. Griff

    I hope it still counts my rating then…

    Btw. When they say “it only takes seconds” They’re not bullshitting. It really takes seconds! So rate!

    (I only voted because I’m a Leet World addtic) :p

  4. Lionheart

    …I am SO waiting for episode 8.
    And if you say its the biggest episode yet, I’ll take your word for it.

    The last time you said that, it was true.
    GOD DAMN, I love this machinima.

  5. Spacewolf

    You know how the Domination guy is in Leet World, and he’s from the trailer? Are we going to get to see Enrique any time soon? If we do, I sure hope he isn’t still upset about the boots. Poor Enrique… 🙁

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