Shutting Down the WOPR

How about a nice game of chess?

Wow. What a crazy weekend.

As you are no doubt keenly aware, our server got- well- served. Thoroughly. “A Day in the Life of a Turret” has been a huge success, to say the least.  I guess people like them some Portal videos.

Much thanks to Digg, Kotaku, Joystiq, Destructoid, 1Up, Next-Gen, XBox 360 Fanboy, and all the others that pushed massive traffic (read: tens of thousands) to our humble abode, whose walls could not withstand the battering ram of the insatiable, tentacle-ey interweb.

Now that things have slowed down, we are re-hosting what will be forever known around Smooth Few Films as the video. There are a few places to find it.

Click here to see the download links. An Ipod version will appear soon.

GamingTV has kindly hosted some mirrors for us. GamingTV Mirrors!

Expect the Damn Dangerous song to appear on our site tomorrow!

As promised, here are the first screenshots from Episode Nine of The Leet World. Obviously, we’re not going to give much away, though there is a small revelation about the setting. Enjoy!

Nice hat. Phone-ing. Strategery.

13 thoughts on “Shutting Down the WOPR

  1. trigger119

    Also if you ever need any mirrors for that amazing Damn Dangerous music just ask, I love your guys’ music.

  2. Shifty of the Shire

    Woah! Elis is using the comp!! Could this mean something??? And Chet gets drunk with the snowman??!!
    Wow, Office ftw!

  3. hollyleetworld

    Awsome screenies. Guys, not to be pushy or anything but, maybe you know ~ date when you’ll be finished on doing ep. 9? I just can’t wait. Even know I know that you guys don’t have estimated dates and all of that…

  4. JJ

    [quote comment=”2071″]Even know I know that you guys don’t have estimated dates and all of that…[/quote]

    No offense, I’m glad you’re excited, but you pretty much just answered your own question there.

  5. Griff

    Sweet. Thanks guys… sorry to hear that your server got serve… I’m never digg’ing again!

    Lol Jk.

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